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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Victory Speech?

Victory Speech? Let’s hope that NORAD is tracking Santa Clause’s sleigh instead of a rogue missile from North Korea under Phlegm Dung Pussy’s command and headed towards Camp Nipple in South Korea – armed with a nuclear warhead and targeting our American troops trying to enjoy a Christmas turkey dinner. With all the hoopla over the “Interview”, I don’t know if that was really a victory for freedom of the speaker, definitely not a victory for human rights. Look, to joke about assassinating even a fruitcake finds no merit in advancing human rights. Why we have afforded a fruitcake so much attention this season is mindboggling. If we make it through the next few days without a “fringe” attack, like occurred when Sarah Palin targeted Gabrielle Giffords, we are lucky. If so, then maybe it was a victory for “Free Speech”. Surely not a victory for John Lennon, and “So this is Christmas”! See, we are treading on thin ice with both 1st and 2nd Amendments, by the “abuse” upon the responsibility inherent in each amendment. If you are asking yourself what “abuse”, then you have not an understanding of “States Rights” – and if it continues to be abused, we will loose! So let’s hope for peace, but too think “True” Americans would waste Christmas day in front of the boob-tube entertaining a movie about assassinating a fruitcake, what in hell has happened to the American Spirit? We should not be giving this jerk any attention.

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