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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Air Force One - Into the Sunset!

For “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, once upon a time “My President sang Amazing Grace”, wow and one of those things that will be missed forevermore never forgotten preciously cherished, Amen Hallelujah into the sunset to shine upon US forever! No, I don’t believe, “God is a concept by which we measure our pain”. I can still hear the “dream” blowing in the wind, “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound…” It meant beautiful times when Barack Obama serenaded Miss Liberty and with that the message of “Democracy for All No Walls” was this nation’s staying power standing-at-arms. I for one felt safe in my home in “this land is my land this land is your land” from sea to shining sea. Oh happy days it was for this hard working middle-class neighborhood guy, wherein the salt-of-the-earth that truly empowers itself to “Make America Great” raise our families - not those gated “racial stoked infernos” of incarcerated greed protecting the wealthy warlords. It is amazing how wealth segregation is so quickly destroying this nation, and instead of a president singing “Amazing Grace”, it appears in the winds of destruction to sound more in tune to “Amazing White Race”. I’m Irish white and “Love Beer”, but I am talking this “pure whitehead” nationalist’s bowel movement that is consuming that road to liberty, barricading the entrance to the “Freedom Bridge” who we are as a nation. Barack Obama’s legacy is set in stone, as one of the greatest and “His Honorable” respected “Statesmen” of modern time. Such a legacy will be hard to beat, the stone of doubt has been “romanced”. And history proves a lesson so well learned since time immemorial, that with greatness there comes that “over the edge” precipice challenging that “greatness” wherein it all goes downhill from there on end - which may incline historians to call Barack Obama the “Last Great President”. So sad but also with happiness in honor the greatest respect to see Barack with his lovely “Stand by your man” Michelle and their two beautiful girls, all grown up after 8-years wherein they resided in the White House with a father figure that was a true Commander-in-Chief and a mother figure, God Bless America! Well all good things come to an end. Thank You Barack, Thank You Michelle, Thank you Obama girls. And then we ended up in a “bad dream” with “This President sang Amazing White Race”, and it was sad to see Donald with his escort “I don’t care Do U” Melanomia and the boy they are afraid to show off as this posse of vagrants took up residency in the White House. Barron reminds me of the “Boy in a Bubble”. I like Barron, but for some reason Donald and Melanomia are embarrassed to include him in as a member of the First Family, maybe it isn’t Donald’s kid. And it appears so that Donald spends more time with that Kirstjen “Border Warden”. But it is great to see how resilient this nation is when invaded by a “Treasonous Turncoat”. Look, the Fucking Moron knows the reason he was given the combination to the Oval Office, it was stolen away from its rightful owners - “We the People”. It is called E”XXXXXXXXXX”culpatory E”VVVVVVVVVV”idence”! And Trump is guiltier of “Grand Theft Gang Rape”, more deserving then that “proverbial” ham sandwich guility by association. We as a nation are indeed in “dire straight jacket times”, as the Founding Fathers’ “Democracy” is today in competition with Fascism fostered by a Mitch McConnell “Confederacy”. It is a plan, destroy “Democracy” through Fascism and then when the smoke clears away the “Confederacy” gets a second chance at taking over what it lost during the “Civil War”. Time will tell where it all ends. But this nation recently made “History” that will go done as the “Last Great Day”. An icon of the power inherited upon residency in the Oval Office is cast in concrete strong, with the site of that Air Force One parading around a U.S. military base runway then galivanting across the globe. The “power” in that bird will astound. But when Trump started using that “bird”, all honor evaporated like a premature ejaculation on a Stormy night out enjoying spousal abuse. But on December 5th, I rested my case as for once after following the stolen “inauguration”, a true statesmen U.S. President was aboard Air Force One on a journey homeward bound. It was George H.W. Bush, and he will be remembered as the last real President to ever again fly aboard Air Force One! I rest my case and honored to have enjoyed “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” for 66-years under the umbrella of the Founding Fathers’ Constitution protected by a “sworn to duty” obligation, but that “Gang Rape” perpetrated by Donald Jong Trump and his Trump Tower Dysentery “Green Stool” FOXcopulation Syncopia Utopia Ann Coultergeist Dynasty, it is starting to haunt my dedication to “Democracy”, as Fascism supported by Confederacy has but for a singular outcome - it allows Air Force One to be but a “Cow Pie” in the sky and getting “shat” on should be outlawed. But when the Founding Fathers put it all together, Russian interference was never a consideration an influence as Vladismear Putin was still but a “wet dream” and too bad that Fred Christ Trump didn’t believe in “abortions”! So, let US remember December 5th, the last time Air Force One had aboard a “Real” U.S. President Commander-in-Chief - Amazing Grace into the sunset one last time on high!

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