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Monday, February 12, 2018

Laughter - What a Remedy!

It appears that Wall Street is also losing faith in Rex Tillerson’s Moron. Now when Barack Obama as the Honorable 44th President of these United States announced his administration’s “Infrastructure Plan” in the early part of 2009 following the Wall Street massacre by the outgoing administration, that $1-Trillion face lift caused the DOW to see an immediate 13% increase in value. As this “American Recovery & Reinvestment Act” was not just a stimulus that would rebuild stuff and create jobs for many years, it also found one-time tax breaks for Corporate America, for getting on board to assist the success of this project across America which was truly a “Make America Great Again” revival. Now this new guy in the Oval Office that uses an “Etch-a-Sketch” to plan for the future but by the time he can propose it to his wife beating staff, well the sketch has retired into chaos just like that hairdo. But this morning when the Moron announced his $1-Trillion cleavage special…the DOW was sad an only realized a 0.18% interest. Maybe the cart before the mule with the “Trump Tax Reform” was a premature ejaculation. And why this dismal swamp? Because it is a real McCoy nowhere man’s plan. And remember what Texas governor Rick Perry and now the Moron’s Secretary of Energy through the process of chain insane cronyism said about the Obama Stimulus? “I remain opposed to using these funds in H.R. 1, but will except the funds to stimulate economic growth”. Sure, don’t like it but don’t slap the hand that feeds…

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