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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Amtrak Albatross - Alaska

For real so unreasonable! Isn't there a law abiding and abetting law such unreasonable ridiculousness and premedia-meditated pre-Neantadthal behavior? These lunatics that are placing blame on Obama for the Frankford Junction Amtrak train wreck...America's IQ with respect to the blame game continues to divide our nation, and divided we fail. Look, I learned to always “RESPECT” the Commander-in-Chief – yet will draw the line if Hillary enters the “Awful Office” made so popular by her horny toad husband. I have started a campaign, it's called “Hillary for 1400 Pennsylvania 2016...where TRUTH is in short supply”! Thanks Sarah...Interesting that there came a similar wreck at the Frankford Junction, back in 1943 with the “Congressional Limited” missing the turn! Wow, off track again! Anyway, the train wreck cannot be blamed directly on Obadiah, but maybe point a finger at...drum roll please...Congressional Limitations! See, even though the Amtrak wreck was more likely then not a “speeding” frenzy by either a control system out of wack or the engineer whacked out while under attack from foreign objects, there should have and could have been assurances through technology that this...well it should and could have been avoided. In fact, “We the People” may have a warranty or a case for breach-of-contract and instead of loosing money with this “wreck”, save our bacon against “frivolous” lawsuits. See, Congress throws away $millions$ each year to the railroad men “that drink up your blood like wine” - thanks Bob. The intent starts off on the right track, but when the “pork pie” is on the Congressional cafeteria's “Limited” menu, well it is a favorite sellout – standing room only for take-out! Now like I have reported time and time again, when this nation finds a problem wherein finger pointing finds the Congress hitting back with “middle” finger legislation, one can look at Alaska as the “Litmus Test” that reveals what is in store for more dereliction upon decency. See, Alaska is far and away from the contiguous lower-48 states, separated from the “pack”, so it allows for a segregated assessment. OK, statutory rape many miles away. See, Alaska has its very own “Casey Jones Railroad” that is basically the Amtrak Albatross. The albatross metaphor in this case symbolizing a curse, a tax payers' burden. OK, when the yearly American Railroad Reinvestment Act “pork pie” is consumed, every damn senator and congressmen takes pride in sending a prized piece of that pie to his or her constituency – to buy voter support. It means loot to keep people employed, with that the “givers” enjoy the fruits of “OUR” labor and in return, well return to the cafeteria for more take-out. Yes, our taxable income regurgitated to fund the rail from sea to shining sea. Now the way that “pork pie” is divided, well it uses a sticky fingers formula, based on unimaginable criteria. In Alaska, the state run railroad receives $45-million each year, as “Revenue” in efforts to stay afloat. And that accounts for almost half of the “revenue” requirements to keep the steel wheels turning – not just an out-of-sight out-of-mind infusion but a big chunk – called “Half Fare”! Originally the 49er railroad was owned by the U.S. government, built a long time ago and once again courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayers and money spent rightfully so as Alaska was a strategic site for military operations with “I can see Russia” so close. Thus building a rail from the sea-sick side of Seward through the mountains to Anchorage and up to Fairbanks, it allowed the “brass” to build a military presence – when Alaska was still considered a “Territory”. Then came statehood, and with that the G-man rail was required to be sold - as once a “state” Uncle Sam had to take away the training wheels. So the Fed.'s placed the rail on the auction block - and nobody came with the cash to purchase the rail infrastructure for pennies on the dollar – a government giveaway. And why not no interest? What the hell was a railroad in the middle of nowhere worth as a business venture? In reality there came a single potential buyer from the lower-48. But when the negotiating team couldn't get the state to provide limited liability for environmental damage already damaging things - as the Alaska railroad right-of-way was considered a “Super Fund” sight after years and years of abuse - well without an assurance that would not be an issue it sent the interested party packing. Just like occurred with Flint Hills, made to pay for someone else's mess! See, in Alaska if you buy pollution you own pollution – like an inheritance tax! So with no takers, the state was forced to take over the rusting narrow gauge and placed Bill Sheffield in charge. See, Bill was qualified because he was impeached when an Alaskan governor – which meant well versed in corruption and the only way the Alaska Railroad could continue to chug-chu-chu was through corruption. OK, Bill wasn't the only high roller on cocaine! So for years, with powerful senators that have all been indicted for corruption but know too much so get flea bargain arraignments, half the “Operating Revenues” for the rail continues to flow this way in the form of “Grants”. What does that me? It grants the receiver a waiver that there is no pay back required, along with no responsibility or accountability! Yes, money that is earmarked to maintain the “Albatross” and its pathetic business model. Look, at least Amtrak follows the letter of the law with respect to “Half Fare” requirements during “Non-Peak” hours of the day. OK. Bill Sheffield allows “Half Fares” during the winter when there is no reason to ride the rail. I have researched the Alaska Railroad for years, it's a “U.S. Taxpayers' Scam”. As far as following the letter of the law with respect to Federal funding, it is an abuse of the system of merits. Case in point: That “stinky fingers” formula that guarantees the $45-million welfare check keeps coming back, well it uses the rail car traffic as a ways and means to derive the “Grant”. So Casey sends car-load after car-load of empty cars between Seward and Anchorage – you can watch this unfold in the summer, just so the railroad boss can screw Uncle Sam. See, the formula takes into account moving freight cars and it is based on prevailing fuel costs per car. The formula doesn't realize the cars are empty, so the outcome is $millions$ in welfare. And with all this unnecessary rail traffic, it makes the “Non-Peak” criteria impossible, as it is always purposely made busy along the rail corridor - so it acts as an excuse and deterrent in efforts to not allow a fare that accommodates poverty, what the “half-fare” program is all about and a requirement for entities receiving Federal funding. Imagine poor people riding the rail during the busy tour season? See, if “Half Fare” was done correctly, tourists could also get a break and Alaskan families may be able to afford a train ride! So would the handicapped and the elderly, beneficiaries of the “Half-Fare” program. Yes, Alaska purposely reneges on that program, as it would interfere with the “Princess” profits! So in reality and if practiced the way it is supposed to be, the government does indeed care about the rail system in America, but being stingy allows money needed there to be wasted here – what our Congress is good at – supposedly equal appropriations regardless of the need! Our “Constitution” defines how appropriations are supposed to be distributed, but it appears due “Congressional Limitations” that those sworn in are inept – can't read the fine print! Bottom-line, if we started to send our hard earned regurgitated income to where it is needed instead of using the “pork pie” to serenade narcissism and corruption, maybe train wrecks would be few and far between. The infrastructure, like in the Northeast” corridor is under extreme abuse, due a need for a commuter service – which takes money to maintain. When in Alaska, the rail is but a joke. Look, Alaska is the richest state of the “Union”. We have the biggest land mass and the shallowest population – yet Alaska has been for years taking in top honors with respect to regurgitated taxable income and we have very little to show for such efforts. We still have a problem finding road lane paint that lasts through the winter? And don't blame that on the weather. Sometimes upward $3-dollars incoming for every dollar garnished by Uncle Sam – which means some states receive only pennies on the dollar – that amounts to train wrecks! And here is a very interesting tid-bit about Casey Jones. The Alaska Railroad has a very handsome retirement program for its workers – matching 9% of a workers yearly pay! A company that cannot make a profit without an Uncle Sam welfare infusion! And get this, it is the only “Over Funded” retirement program in the world when at the same time the retired and soon to be retired Alaskan teacher population is bracing for reductions in their very own nest-egg, in the tune of $12-Billion. So how has the Alaska Railroad - which cannot make a profit on its own - keep its retirement portfolio ahead of the game? Well that U.S. “Grant” money is being used to fund that enrichment – yes “We the Taxpayers” are paying for the Alaska Railroad workers retirement, the reason the state run railroad can match that 9%! For those accountant types out there, that retirement is $18-million “over-funded” and only $42000 “under-funded” - pocket change! And if this is not an albatross, well we have a bridge to nowhere for sale – made possible by Casey Jones and Company. Yup, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. Only problem, no tracks leading to or fro, as the bridge enters dangerous territory used for military games, where undetonated live ordnances simmer away, so now the ARMY has barricaded that bridge. It is truly a “Bridge To Nowhere”, U.S. Congresswolf Don Young's dream coming true.

U.S. ARMY defending against invasion at the ARR Tanana “Bridge to Nowhere” crossing.

Ah! well a-day! what evil looks
Had I from old and young!
Instead of the cross, the Albatross
About my neck was hung.
(Coleridge poem)

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