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Monday, May 4, 2015

Alaskan “Love Canal”

ALASKAN STUFF: OK, is Alaskan Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly trying to accomplish a goal of “HIPPY KILLER” nemesis and along with that, kill off also our children – from the right and left? Like a father like daughter onslaught! It is truly freak'n la dee da hilarious, yet concerning, with respect to Alaska's nepotism senator's disrespect for humankind. OK, she has Dan Sullivan pussy-whipped already, lap dog extraordinaire, which brings into the equation some narcissism – so together the N&N comradeship comedy team. Look, Alaska would be better off with Sarah Palin as a senator, at least we would be seeing more of Russia...“Bear bombers I can see them”! But it ain't hilarious by any stretch of a Neanderthal imagination, it's sad! I am talking the MurCowpiefly & Sullivangelist tag-team duo's attack upon the EPA! Take a deep breath, as the air in Fairbanks is better off by 2-notches in the choke-me-to-death category. But that will be a short lived victory, because when the next 3-year average comes to be, to deal with PM25 reductions, Fairbanks will definitely be on the BRAC list and the laughing stock of the world. See, according to the EPA the state has not been using the correct data and must utilize the events of the most polluted spot within the Fairbanks “attainment” area and the pollution in North Pole....look, North Pole is the armpit of the earth when it comes to “Air Quality” and that pollution attainment area includes Ft. Wainwright and is steadily moving towards Eielson. Air polluition and ground water pollution attacking like a “blob”. And when the “real” tragic data is used to justify Fairbanks' ranking in the health category – even tourists will shy away! it will increase the reported pollution level by 300%, which means Fairbanks will be declared the “Most Polluted American City” by Guinness. Damn, didn't we most recently win an award from Guinness for the most ridiculous “battery” in the world? I guess we deserve the “BESS”! Anyway, why in hell would the brass be interested in keeping either base open for business – from a legal standpoint due health risks for the troops in boots and their families. Imagine getting marching orders to the “Number 1” most polluted city in the world – it's spousal abuse to pack up the wife and kids and go to a bad place! The bad air isn't going away, as until we see a natural gas pipeline from up north, daylight will be less and less due smog “ALERTS”. OK, natural gas isn't a panacea, but it does help cut down on “Air Quality WARNINGS”. But not to worry any adverse effects the new data will reveal about just how bad it is in the interior as MoanaLisa is being pro-active, by insisting that the EPA has no jurisdiction in Alaska when it comes to regulating “Clean Air” and “Clean Water” and an attempt to forfeit new regulations the Commander-in-Chief has mandated taking effect this year. Obama has authorized “Public Law” that will clean the air, cutting pollution by half of the existing “crap” that we breath by 2030. OK, here is the scorecard. Frank – MoanaLisa's predecessor – he spent 21-years wasted in Congress with a single “failed” agenda, efforts to open up ANWR. Basically, Frank found fame and fortune fighting the “environmental movementalong with fighting Native Alaskans opposed to opening up that prized and pristine area of Alaskan wilderness to oil development. He lost, and now we see yet another senator with a single agenda, banning the EPA so Joe Uselessbelli can sell more “Air Polluting” coal. See, it is all about the deep pockets, so what if our children start to choke and die because of rotten air! Look, anything to get re-elected as it sounds good fighting the EPA, yet the subliminal message – well it means increased respiratory aliments. It's like we elect stool pigeons that can focus but on a single ideal. And it is a focus that is designed to hurt us and benefit the wealthy. And here is what irks my Urkel. In 2005, the “Alaska Air Monitoring Network” was established through funding delivered by Alaska's Congressional delegation. Yes, Ted Stevens knew that it was necessary to monitor the air pollution, so $millions$ in taxpayer money was sent this way, in efforts to monitor what in hell we were breathing! As once it was determined, then action could arrest the culprit, in this case what was challenged is known as PM25 – particulate “crap” in the air! So we spent the “pork” money and today realize just how bad it is, especially in the interior of Alaska – namely Fairbanks, North Pole and an area that includes Eielson Air Force Base. So, why in hell are we entertaining bringing more troops this way? I would sue Uncle Sam if I were a pilot with family and given marching orders this way! So it shows just more Congressional “dereliction”, as why in hell did we waste the money in the first place? Yes, we found out it was bad air and now that the EPA is adamant about Alaska following the “Public Law” with respect to “Clean Air” & “Clean Water” which is good for the citizens but harmful to the PAC supporters, well MoanaLisa has thrown in a noose and is commanding Mr. Pussywhip to tighten the strangle hold. If I were the EPA and under such harassment by the MurCowpiefly and Don Young, the hell with Alaska. Yes, ban the EPA from Alaska. Then let the Pebble fly and all the other destructive money making projects designed to turn wilderness into crater central and in time Alaska will be but another “Love Canal”. Then we can re-invite the EPA back in – so we can “Super Fund” the crap out of the American Taxpayers! Too bad, as when Alaska...when we had a statesman like senator Ted we even won awards for being pro-active about “Clean Air” & “Clean Water”. With the help of the EPA, the Alaska Native Health Consortium became the “largest” tribal health organization from sea to shining sea in efforts to reduce air quality concerns and improve the the lives of Alaska's native people. Yes, because of such efforts awarded the “Gregg Cooke Visionary Award”.The awards program, established in 2000 at the recommendation of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, recognizes and honors both individuals and organizations that have undertaken the risks of innovation, served as pioneers in their fields, advanced public understanding of air pollution and improved air quality.” And the way this is accomplished is through “capitalization contributions” from the EPA. Since its 1988 inception to intercept increased “air guilty” indictments, Alaska as received close to a $billion$ in loans courtesy Uncle Sam through the generosity of the EPA. But when the EPA is given its marching orders by the MurCowpiefly, say goodbye to any attempts to make the air here in the “Lost Frontier” any cleaner. Breath now or forever choke on your peace pipe! OK, so why does MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly have a Don Young hard-on against the EPA? It is simple. See, the EPA wants a clean environment for our kids. So in efforts for that to happen, especially in rural places – Alaska included – it provides the lowest interest rate loans for pollution control revolving funding. Take for instance 1% for a 20-year. But therein exists the problem. MoanaLisa comes from the banking world, as Daddy Dearest Frank came from there also. Bankers are in it for themselves and a handful of shareholders. When Frank was governor, he totally screwed up the Alaska Student Loan “payback” friendliness program which in turn screwed over many local kids with a label today of “Bad Credit”. Look, the schools of higher education in Alaska suck, so good parents send their children “outside” for a college education, which costs a whole lot more! So it takes longer for the payback period, but Frank didn't care – he's a banker and would take away your house and raid your refrigerator even if your kids were hungry. Look, Frank believes there should be still a “Debtors Prison”. So that mentality, well like father like daughter reigns today with the MurCowpiefly dynasty. MoanaLisa wants to ban the EPA because it is over friendly with “loans” designed to “clean up” the air, as that is in direct interference with a “banks” button-line. It is that simple! And when the true picture of just how bad the air is in Fairbanks proper, with the new EPA data, the brass will then find an excuse to accomplish what they have been after for a long time – shutting down Eielson and maybe furloughing a majority of the Ft. Wainwright responsibilities. So, just get rid of the EPA and sail into the sunset on that job of a lifetime. Maybe MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly will trump her father and win one for the wealthy at the expense of the proletariats. This is what happens between the lines of a good line! So look for MoanaLisa to win a victory in Alaska for...the answer is not a tough one!

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