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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hadron Super-Collider Hoax

I had the opportunity to sit down once again with Amlev Yelknid, a brilliant 12-year old self-taught scientific genius that is causing an uproar in the scientific community. It is not a coincidence that she boasts a fond affection and conscious affiliation with Srinivasa Ramanujan. So comes my personal acknowledgment this gift another Isaac Newton amongst us, and with due respect upon her new-age theory that which proposes an entirely new and refreshing set-of-rules on the beginning chapter origin of the “Universe”. And it is so awe inspiring, amidst a postulation a majority of non-scientist folk can grasp to how it all began without a Steven Hawking presence. Thank you Amlev! And when not tinkering with the complexities of the “Universe” while living a subsistence lifestyle, Amlev drives a sled-dog team along the Yukon River, from her adopted Athabaskan village of Ood-Yboocs - translated in English as “Talking Dog”. OK, Amlev will readily divulge her theory on the “Universe” but will politely keep secret her smoked salmon recipe! No wonder the Native Alaskan Indians around here call it “Squaw candy”.  So here we go, hold on to that hat as it is going to be a lightning fast ride! Light produces photons, and there is but for a single domain in the space-time continuum wherein photon collisions are remarkable and such crashes occurring as we speak, in the greatest “Super Collider” ever designed not by man! See, ever since Albert Einstein made it to that Nu-Joisey neighborhood pub missing a shoe, nations have huddled together and spent $billions$ on FAKE science experiments trying to find that missing link, I mean shoe. OK, when we have such a bad homeless problem, we should be doing everything possible to at least feed and shelter our down and out brothers and sisters and if anything left over, then fund FAKE science. That proverbial saying “I have a bridge to nowhere I want to sell”, same sentiment “I have a Hardon Super Collider I want to enlighten your erection”, both deliver in reality NOTHING but promises. OK, the Hadron super-collider did find that $13-billion dollar Nothing Burger - no bun, no lettuce, no cheese “where’s the beef” and merely a slather like skid-mark of ketchup! The funny thing, the research says this burger is 100-million years old - but it smells like a fromunder “Big Mac”! Back to the basics. According to Yelknid’s theory, the “Godenergy” belt is wherein it all started, or if Not of religion replace with the “Goodenergy” all it takes is another “o”. See how simple this bipartisan theory is already and still only in the beginning! That “belt” on “creation’s” watch transformed from a pure-energy infinitesimal “Ring” to a “Mobius Surface” and allowed photon collisions to occur with a constant vigilance, even today on our watch. Sidebar: What happens to FAKE science or FAKE news on a “Mobius Go ‘Round”? Now the results of two photons trying to occupy the same point in this time-continuum space and originating from two different “infinities”, such climaxes behave in a manner as to balance the (N)ETHER. Yes, the ETHER continues to expand by this collision course, as the photons that are trying to “collude” cannot so it results in a premeditated collision, due the fact the photons originated at two distinct “infinities” that were created but for a moment when the “Godenergy Ring” announced “let there be light”. In efforts to preserve some semblance of order in the “Creation” of the Universe, two separate infinites could not exist, so a merger took place wherein the “Godenergy Ring” transformed into that of a “Mobius Surface” and there exists an infinite converging of photons that originate from these different infinities, yet targeting the same point in the space-time continuum, which cannot occur so the “collision” produces all kinds of characteristic futuristic things - like big things like planets to small things like an atom even smaller that electron please take a bow! This collision produces whatever is required at the time to balance the “Universal Force” that exists in the ETHER so far and growing leaps and without bounds. Since photons exhibit an existence as a wave, it means a link like tether to the “Godenergy”, so in collusion this collision just about anything can become “real”, small to big, mass to no mass as well as energy we cannot even detect and forces we have yet to define. This collision will go on, well until the next transformation of the “Godenergy Ring” from the Mobius Surface which would testify the end of the “Big Bang” with the enlightenment of the “Infinity Surface”, which will take forever so don’t hold your breath but one can IMAGINE towards that end. Get over it, there was NO such thing as a “Big Bang” and a “Black Hole” confuses the issue. And how it was explained to me by Amlev, just watch a sun-rise to get the point across, it was not is not a chaotic like episode with dire strait consequences. So yes, this interaction of photon collisions is causing the Universe to expand as we speak. All in efforts to balance the “Universal” forces of the (N)ETHER and the main reason we see “stability” with our sun and earth relationship, as the longer our domain moves within the expansion of the “Total Universe”, the less effect the origin - that “Mobius Surface” - has with respect the cause and effect slide-rule. What it means? We may destroy this earth through wars, but we cannot even dent the (N)ETHER! We can only harm ourselves. This theory of Yelknid makes pure common sense. But way too many scientists spend a lifetime trying to play GOD, as a majority believe not in a supernatural being but think they can outsmart the genius of a fly. Now this 12-year old that immigrated from Russia to Alaska and early on in life adopted by an Athabaskan family, she spends her time managing that sled dog team and subsistence food gathering. But she told me that ever since she proposed the “Universe Theory”, she has been hounded by ICE agents who are trying to paint the picture that she came to the United States illegally? She fears deportation, but you don’t mess with the Athabaskan clans, as up and down the Yukon these village people stick together like a “Militia”. And I asked Amlev as to why the United States government would want to deport someone that has figured it out and offering up something we can all understand? She thinks that too much time and money and careers have been wasted and the only result the “Nothing Burger” - she didn’t use that word but it is what stuck - this “nothing” with the “Black Hole Big Bang” extravaganza that which never occurred according to Yelknid’s theory. And that is sad, that prominent PHD holders would resort to ruining another’s wellbeing just to save face that they have squandered away an existence with….it gives FAKE a reality check. But thank you Amlev Yelknid, for this promising theory that explains how we got here! The fun thing, with 3-strips of paper and some tape, I can entertain my 3-year old niece and teach her the Yelknid “Theory of the Universe” - with the simplicity of a “ring”, that ring with a coplanar twist of 180-degrees to yield the “Mobius Surface” and another strip with a 360-dgree twist, it yields the “Infinity Surface” - and kids love it! Now what is also interesting, another theory proposed by some associates of Amlev from the University of Alaska in Fairbanks is that “Universal Forces” that support the existing (N)ETHER, at least from the standpoint from wherein EARTH finds its planetary vision, using algorithms propositioned by Ramanujan on “continuous fraction” indicates that the earth in its design is a rarity. That is Not hard to comprehend when we look out towards open space at other rotating obstacles in our galaxy that which resembles for the most part “dead planets”. At least it appears so from this observer. But far from “dead”, as the rest of the surrounding planets may exist as an inside out replica of the “Mother Earth”, yes “Mother” - here we go ‘round the Mobius once again. Amlev and her associates believe that many planets have internal livable domains, and ready to be occupied by humans. Yes, internal worlds with all the necessities of life, water to sources of energy to sources of light for agriculture and that one day we will find a way to exploit those domains, find new and exciting minerals and fascinating unknown energy sources. And Amlev’s vision sees into the future, that one day will come a generation that will look out towards space and see this “Earth”, now a sacred place an unoccupied by humans due the fact it is where civilization found a start, found war then found peace and in collusion the latter found a way to move on, in space as the final frontier that has no “finale”! Yes, when we start concentrating on a better society wherein WAR is cast aside, our efforts then will uncover things that will appear magical, like time-space travel without strapping ourselves to a fire-cracker wherein we become senile seniors before we get anywhere. One day…

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