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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trump's Crimea Move

I am beginning to think outside the “we all tweet in a twitter submarine” in efforts to try and understand what goes on in Donald Trump’s method-of-madness numbskull. I have always thought the best resonating reasoning is the fact Trump’s pattern of abuse follows that of the Mobius Strip, which side are you on? Remember, 360 on the “Strip” is undefinable to definable, is a lie a lie or not? That lie could be a truth-in-lending statement, which is a lie! But did Trump just invade North Korea, like a Vladimir Portnoy Putin Crimea maneuver takeover get out of my way I am the boss man? This morning, with the ink still drying upon the United States & North Korea victory lap declaration nobody seems to understand, Donald John Trump made it clear that the United States is no longer in the threat cross-hairs of Kim Jong bUNgholes nuclear arsenal. It is the morning after the Singapore Summit, and there has been no estate sale of Kim’s nukes, just an “Out of Business” sign of approval and all we hear is this “CVID” criteria will someday become the guiding light on whether or not Kim is being nice - “Complete and Verifiable and Irreversible Dismantling”. Yes a mouthful, which according to the experts in military superiority posturing, with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Kim’s nuclear war program as it stands known about today, could take upwards 15-years after a dismantling program is approved and kicked-off, add another 5-years for that to become official as the ground-work takes time. Which means Trump could be a memorial at Arlington before Kim’s nukes are “Net Neutrality Neutralized” aka “Neutered”. Maybe we should give Trump his parade today! So, for the next 5-years there will be “ZERO” actual hands-on dismantling efforts by Kim and big talk no action only by the involved and concerned parties. “Can you hear me know”, as Secretary-of-State Pompeo will be heard saying we are making progress. And maybe after that, a plan to begin a dismantling program. So even though the Kim “nukes” are not a threat to US, that doesn’t mean the bombs away could not cause “weapons of mass destruction” casualties and reprehensible damage on someone else’s backdoor steps. And the Singapore Summit gave Kim Jong Un protection, a guarantee that the United States would offer unconditional military protection against any rogue state invasion takeover, which was directed at Xi Jinping’s China and Vladimir Portnoy Putin’s Russia, both border nations to North Korea. And since the US provides military support to protect the interests of South Korea and Japan, that Kim nuclear threat has been extinguished against those US friendly nations also with this “Summit” now history still confusing the mass hysteria outbreak. Take also into account the fact that Trump will cancel the South Korea and US military invasion from the north preparedness exercises, well people were taking a conniption shit fit over what in hell was negotiated behind closed-doors Trump home alone with Kim! And the US may also consider building an embassy in North Korea, and that take on hotels for the “Hermit”? So, now that Kim’s nukes are no longer a threat according to Mr. Trump, that allows lifting the sanctions and that provides instant gratification economic relief to Kim’s “Hermit Kingdom”. Which means we own North Korea, we own Kim Jong Un! It is that simple what was gained out of this summit wherein everybody is claiming nothing but “Chaos”. Protection, 20-years to dismantle the nukes, economic aid, an invite to the White House and tickets for Kim to have fun at Disneyland? Remember, he killed his own brother for wanting to visit Tokyo Disneyland as that kind of fun went against the DPRK regime’s religion. So, Kim gets everything and we get nothing? That is what we are hearing from FAKE NEWS and the Mobius Strip TRUE NEWS - fooled you again! But hold your horses, not so fast. Kim gets things and at the same time we get control of his nuclear arsenal still in full-throttle tact. In fact, we take control of his military, we have basically invaded his domain - brilliant maneuver and clever move by Donald Trump in his first Commander-in-Chief military exercise - he just trumped Putin’s Crimea move. So, without dismantling a single nuke - which experts believe finds an arsenal of 60-short range missiles - we have control of that arsenal not to mention a very regimented military. And instead of rushing to judgement to dismantle the nukes, we drag our feet and why not just re-aim the rockets at China and Russia targets of interest. IMAGINE if we had an ally in that region of the world wherein we had land-based nukes? We do today! Which means our NAVY on patrol to protect Japan and be “ready” to defend South Korea, Trump can stand down that waste of money. And to boot, we now have a monster presence so close to the contentious “South China Sea”, nukes on demand to obliterate the Chinese man-made islands if push comes to shove. And Kim Jong dUNg knows Trump and Bolton are serious about - well this is John Bolton’s ultimate in a regime change. We take over control of Kim’s nuclear arsenal, he must abide or else he loses everything. At the same time, we extend our military superiority close range to China, close range to Russia and it didn’t cost me a dime. Our presence makes South Korea’s Moon very happy and so true to Japan’s Abe - two close allies of Donald Trump. Moon campaigned on getting rid of the THAD defense systems deployed by the US, his dream comes true he will get re-elected. The DMZ will become an open border, as our direct presence in NOKO will be like that friendly neighbor. You could not even write a script that could find such a military design so perfect an outcome - and maybe this was not Trump’s goal but the “Art of the NOKO RAW Deal” is in his favor today, and there is not a damn thing Xi or Putin can do about it, as it has already found a firm footing and will be a thorn in their side for a long, long time. Only an act of war would resolve this stand the United States has today with North Korea on its side against China and Russia. And the funny thing, Trump didn’t need any declaration from Congress this takeover of Kim - the 45th is trumping Vladimir, maybe as a get even the “election meddling” that is causing Trump a whole lot of problems back home. And the fact that the Trump administration did not request help from the United Nations’ Nuclear Proliferation team before the “Singapore Summit”, as a ways and means to develop a denuclearization plan of attack with “worldwide-wise” expert consensus, they did not want such interference due the ulterior motive behind this summit. So we look around, we see the fallout of what is conceived as Kim getting everything and the United States getting nothing in return - well “Be Best” take a second look at what really went down and around on June 12th, 2018 in Singapore! As it was Trump’s ultimate “Mobius Strip” Deliverance! You judge Trump now, based on his Commander-in-Chief skills against Putin and Xi, and maybe this is Trump’s way to show who is the boss Commander-in-Chief that means business in defending the U.S. Constitution. And that can soften the blow of the Mueller Investigation, as if this was actually a Trump plan-of-attack against Putin, Trump is waging the WAR and it will cause Mueller to “STAND DOWN” as it could interfere in the best interest of the United States! Ironic, no a curve ball thrown from 360 different directions.

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