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Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump's Mad Dog - 2nd Strike?

By targeting the ShayRAT dilapidated air base in Syria, what message of military strength is the U.S. sending to our enemies? It has been about 12-hours since Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to descend down upon al-Assad's military machine - as a ways and means to send the message loud and clear that poisoning children is a WAR CRIME and would not be tolerated. Mission Accomplished? Not even close, as with the aftermath pictures being "Twittered" it appears but for a lame duck attack - the trigger pulled as Trump enjoyed eating duck down at Mar-a-Lasso. The Tower Maggot's hiding place during the attack - what "WAR ROOM"? According to the Pentagon, the coordinated attack was to cripple al-Assad's air force, its birds, munitions holding bunkers and jet fuel loading facilities. What we know so far, not much and it appears to have been a wasted effort - flop Uno-Uno for Trump on the military stage. According to local legends, only 23 of the $1.4-Million buck booster shots made it to its intended target - which means strewn across Syria are about 36 un-detonated 1000-pound bombs and I am sure that ISIS is out patrolling where in hell these munitions are resting. So the "Hawks" hit a Syrian "jet" repair facility and the bombs away destroyed only 6 Russian made jets that were in the shop for repair? Wow, a Pentagon dentathon as the Syrian air force has over 500-MIGS and 200-Russian made attack helicopters for transporting troops to kill the innocent men, women and children of that war torn nation being used as Vladimir Putin's PNAC stage punching bag! Was this attack misguided? See, Syrian military bases have Russian Federation advisors, so when Tillerson called Putin to tell him about the battle plans being drawn - the "RAT" base was abandoned and all air worthy jets were flown to a safe haven - Russian military bases built in Syria the past year. And the real telltale sign that this attack was misguided, had this air base been one of al-Assad's strongholds, well jets need fuel and lots of it so when a 1000-pound warhead hit the fuel tanks - bar boom. So had this base been what Mad Dog Mattis thought as a poster-child target to send a message to al-Assad, still smoldering this morning would be the fuel, and that would mean billowing black smoke still - but none! When the word was given that Trump would engage some semblance of military action while dinning, the jets still air worthy scrambled as it was a coordinated effort with Russia - so on the retreat with word of "Incoming" were al-Assad's buttholes in uniform along with Putin's advisory assholes. This is why the conflict in Syria has been so difficult, because of Putin! And let's not forget, Obama wanted Congressional approval to go to WAR with al-Assad, which meant tangling with Russia. But Obama was not afraid, not of al-Assad, not of Putin the punk, but our Congress whimpered out on any approval forward. DO NOT place any blame on OBAMA this nightmare before US once again in Syria! It will take an all out WAR effort to quench the madness in Syria - with al-Assad and ISIS. I wonder, did Tillerson ever give back that "Order of Friendship" award? More like "Order of Fiendship"! But this is the "Mad Dog's" second failed military mission. Remember that in January Trump witnessed that 1st military "Mission Accomplished Abortion" in Yemen, which left a NAVY Seal Team-6 dead while trying to protect an 8-year old American named Nawar - when the Pentagon had to publish "fake news" in efforts to smoke screen reality of 30-civilian deaths. And here I am, still waiting for some confirmation that the $83-Million buck payload courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers did something to instill the fear factor with al-Assad - it didn't. The only way for this atrocity in Syria to end this Colonel Kurtz Apocalypse Now, is to have guts and tell Putin to get out of our way or else. We have the strongest military in the world, designed to bring peace where no peace has gone before - but we have not the Congressional will, with that we are no longer great! Sorry kids, and the poisoning in the "Killing Fields" will continue. Mad Dog: "I don't lose any sleep at night over the potential for failure. I cannot even spell the word." Please, someone educate this man on the meaning of "FAILURE", then maybe next time we will get it right as we are darn sure convinced that Donald Trump is already a failure! Just In: Pentagon says 20-MIGS destroyed in attack. Said again, with that many jets it means a sizeable fuel depot that could handle the jet fuel requirements for so many war-birds and for that matter no signs of fire & smoke from the overnight attack. And not once as of yet did any snapshots signify a attack that provokes us with confidence that this base was one of al-Assad's strongholds. It was merely a repair facility and the destruction does nothing to offend this war against innocent children!

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