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Monday, April 10, 2017

Ergonomic Terrorism?

Wow, hip-hip-hooray the 115th Congress can work together when push comes to shove! Usually, since about the time the 102nd came to be, it is nothing shy of continuous "Bipartisan Bickering" - but I have the proof-in-the-pudding of "Bipartisan Bartering"! What's in a name? It depends, but take a town with a name like "Tranquility", it brings an interest in my book and is living proof evidence of today that Congress does at times find common ground across the isle - for the good of thy nation 'Tis of Thee. Nestled away in the agricultural Mecca of California between olive trees and orange groves, this "Tranquil" town with a name that is "All American" was established in 1910 and boasts a population today of 800 - NO same-sex marriages of record! This is farmland as far as the freedom eye can see, wherein Donald Trump signs are common place road side attraction distractions. Located about 50-miles from Fresno, it finds meaning today and fortifies those weekly "Jobs-Growth" numbers that even Donald Trump wants to believe is his own-doing ownership - but we must beware that the truth out-of-the-bag could demonstrate contempt. And a job around "Tranquility", once upon a time it meant boarding the "Farm Labor Train" - today it means getting into the swing of things hi-tech with wage rewards and work conditions safe. Woody would be proud! For the past 3-years, mostly during the terms of endearment under Barack Obama the 44th, this area has been bathing in renewable energy infrastructure building - jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs on the horizon. And remember, renewable energy "builds" gets a sizeable rebate from Uncle Sam. And remember, that the "Incentive Tax Credit" which affords a reduction in revenue of 30% for building this solar stuff, it was renewed by Obama before he decided to retire and play golf with no restrictions an office to run. Now what makes this solar energy project a success story something of interest, the batting zone for political maneuvering this farm-belt, it is surrounded by 3-Republican House "Rats" and 3-Democratic House "Brats". Sorry, but sometimes we can't handle the "Truth" what our representative body does these days so the name game introduces some challenging opportunities to get even. Look, the entire Congressional entourage just left  on a bullet-train for a 2-week "Spring Break", what gives besides being paid for truancy and no transparency? Back to the California olive branch belt. Now does Devin Nunes of District 22 ring a bell? Should, as he finds intimate late night rendezvous with the Oval Office "in like Flynn"! How about Kevin McCarthy of District 23 along with David Valadao getting votes from District 21ers, the "Rat" brigade and "No Way a Bullet Train"! And for the "Brat" brigade we find a Jim Costa, Jimmy Panetta and Salud Carbajal representing Districts 16, 20 and 24 respectably and "Way a Bullet Train"! So the clientele that live and try to find work in these surrounding districts, for the members of the House it means a vested interest in this "renewables" business - which is possible only through the subsidies courtesy of Uncle Sam's generosity. When complete in a few years, the "Tranquility" project will produce 400000000 watts of mean=green=clean electricity and be capable of powering air-conditioning for 200000 California homes then some. Liberal cooling at its best! And of all the "Tweets", all the "Twitter" and Tee-off time, not once has ZDonald Tyrump mentioned anything about doing away with this "Renewables' Handout"? Almost 80-days into his...forget what it's called! OK, here it is in a nutshell. Now anybody that has made it to this point in this advertisement, probably if a Trump jock supporter - fromageunder worshippers - chastising the liberals for wanting to go green has gone missing-in-action and was one of ZDonald Tyrump's talking points throughout the Russian Federation campaign season. But wait, there's more fromageunder cheese! See, today Texas is way ahead of California in solar and wind, in the category of renewable recovery projects in service and on the drawing boards. Yes, the "Jade Helm" state is front and center taking advantage of the sun god "Ra" and the big bad wolf "I will huff and I will puff" energy, and of course taking advantage of that lucrative 30% "tax write off" incentive. In fact with the "Lone Star" over in Haskell county, that town can't get enough solar - and this is Rick Perry's hometown. He is the new "Energy Czar" for the entire nation going "Clean"! Now in California, going green was mandated by Governor Brown, that by 2020 15% of electricity domination was to be through "renewables", so there has been a race on to make that deadline - else pay stiff fines! But in Texas, the quest for "renewables" is not orchestrated by legislation, but through investment income! Likewise with California, ranch owners are cashing in for income through long term leases on property that is worthless - to allow for construction of solar and wind! And herein is where the "Ergonomic Terrorism" comes into play. Yes, from the comfort of a beach deck lounge chair out at a Mar-a-Lago like resort with a mint julep in one hand and a pen in the other free hand that is not being used to jerk off the American dream, "Rich" bleeding heart bands of thieves are taking advantage of Uncle Sam as that pen is a terrorist weapon in action. See, it behaves like this and takes its cue from the Russian "Illegals Program". Like that "sleeper agents" network of illegal immigrant spies, from Russia with love to Canada then easy to sneak into the United States - the same damn thing that is occurring today in the "renewables" heisting. Even though ZDonald Tyrump has sworn up and down the 18th hole at Mar-a-Lago that China was to blame for manufacturing loses here in the Homeland and he was to put a stop to it, the bleeding continues!  That humongous solar farm that is being erected on "retired" agricultural land in Tranquility, the components are coming from China. Just like how the "Illegals Program" infiltrated, the stuff needed to utilize the sun - exported from Xi Pingpong plants, taking a breather in Canada then sent to America! Yes, $millions$ in lost opportunities for American manufacturing - and this is something that is going balls-to-the-wall since the "Tower Maggot" came to town on the Bozo bus. Now it's made in China, moved through Canada so that 30% ITC...where is that in this equation? It is called Wall Street investor greed. Yes indeed, guys that don't give a rat's ass about being green doling out loot so they can reclaim a discount on their other earnings. The rich are getting richer, no doubt about it, and "We the Taxpayers" are getting screwed "Big Time". See, if I were a power company under jurisdiction a regulatory agency and joined in this free-for-all with solar energy along with visions of a 30% reduction in revenue taxation, all well and good as all cost savings including any rebates - it gets channeled to my customers. Not in this case with goods from abroad, the icing on the cake is being consumed by the "greedsters" because a foreign entity cannot claim this "Incentive Tax Credit" and we the consumers will never see the advantage that should be realized and it is genuine double dipping because we are  also paying for it through the tax incentives handout - OK giveaway agenda. So, with the stroke of a pen investors can give away some loot in realization that it will all be returned with interest and a 30% incentive check from Uncle Sam. In the case of the "Tranquility" project,  with a $billion$ dollar build portfolio, the labor market will consume $150-million and it means 12000 jobs over the lifetime of the project. Surrounding businesses will see upwards $50-million spent locally, in the districts mentioned above wherein the Rats & Brats see the advantage of keeping quiet on what is really going down. Best way to keep that "Do Nothing Job for Life", fool the people that you care and this is "Making America Great Again"! So this going green does have its advantage, except when one looks at how that investor is making out - in this single case a tax write-down for the investor's clientele of $300-million. It is blown away like smoke, and "We the People" get screwed that same amount x 2! No wonder the ZDonald Tyrump administration has been so quiet with this energy incentive, as the outsiders are getting rich and spending more and more time doing business at the Mar-a-Lagos. Legal fraud? How about "Ergonomic Terrorism", more damage with a pen then with a gun! And this is happening today, from sea to shining sea as going green is not for the clean, but for the other "GREEN" that excites the "Wall Street" crooks. Imagine, if that $billion$ was all for the "Homeland"! So there is a reason that the ZDonald Tyrump has been so quiet and not made any indications about placing a halt on this "Incentive Tax Credit" for going "Green"...the answer is easy! And with Bipartisan Bartering, silence is golden!

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