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Monday, April 20, 2015

La De Freak'n Doo Da

Alaska Stuff: So, it appears that U.S. Congressional Castrator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly and Congressional Curator Congressman Don Young still have some “Lost Frontier” pizzazz! As the F-16s are here too stay for awhile longer up at Eielson Air Force Base located in the interior and in close proximity to the 7th most polluted place on earth. How many “AIR Quality ALERTS” this year already for North Pole? Sorry pilot moms – just keep your kids indoors! This news was NOT by any stretch of one's imagination a victory for the brass balls, as that base has outlived its military “mission” necessity and the lights are still on due a single perverted reason. It's called Congressional interference the “buck starts here”. Perverted? “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” - an Abraham Lincoln quote. Keeping Eielson open is indeed “Perverted”, which means besides other ridiculous perversionisms keeping a bunch of “Do Nothing” jobs afloat for the locals that are Under the Influence of the “Toilet-Paper Party”. By all indications, this “victory” against the U.S. Taxpayers' “best interest and findings” may have been a plan of attack hatched out by Curator Young and Schaeffer Cox – in support of Young's super-PAC, a.k.a. “Alaska Peacemakers Militia 2nd Amendment Task Force Sovereign Citizens Movement”, a.k.a. “Hungry Alaskan wolves can cure the homeless population”. OK, is Don also coaching Senator Bob Menendez? Look, the N.J. pervert was caught red-handed and indicted on political corruption charges and has already found support to fund a “Legal Defense Team” in the tune of $1.5-million and growing as fast as Grover Norquist finds a growing concern that he entertained the Muslin Brotherhood while a board member of the NRA and Hillary Clinton wants what? What in hell is happening – politics is perverted! OK, “North to Alaska”! Now with Eielson AFB, I am sure the “Military Brass” were held hostage once again in efforts to challenge taking away our “Big Government” helping handout – something we learned works so well when excommunicated-Senator Mark Begich defended keeping that dilapidated base away from a wrecking ball. See, when Eielson was targeted as a base no longer of necessity or benefit for the Pacific Command and was on the demolition detail, Begich went into a conniption fit and withheld the advancements of many military troops in boots, just so he could throw his Congressional weight around until the “brass” gave in – yes withholding the promotions of the men and women in uniform that take up the cause to defend this nation – their careers hijacked for perverted stupidity by a member of Congress. See, Congress writes the checks, so has an advantage to bankrupt any part of government by using the hostage taking allowance. To re-iterate - “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” Thank you Abe, again! But the announcement that these “WAR” birds will stay a while longer makes the “Box Store” owners in Fairbanks very happy, along with the respiratory doctors. More pilots means more families means more kids means more respiratory aliments due the “poor” air quality. And many “civilians” that live in and around the interior rely on Uncle Sam for a livelihood even though they practice and preach dissent against anything “government”. Yes, “Big Government” is bad except for Handcocking that paycheck for 45% of the interior's economic stimulus. OK, not fair, as even those under the influence need a paycheck – so they can support Don Young's affiliation with Schaeffer Cox. Anyway, it will be nice to see the “War Birds” on display, not in the air but stranded on the runway! See, there ain't no jet fuel being processed any longer in North Pole, as the KOCH refinery has been moth-balled. That refinery supplied Eielson with a large percentage of the flight-line “readiness” fuel requirements, when Eielson was a base of necessity! So where in hell does the “lift” gasoline come from to support the “military mission” at Eielson? Well it is now imported into the Bill Sheffield “Port of Anchorage”, trained north on Bill Sheffield's tracks and...this imported “Made NOT in America” may be fuel originating from an ISIS refinery or other 3rd world “Zero Human Rights” facility on the cheap. Yes, jet fuel purchased from the enemy to fight the enemy! Serious, it takes a whole lot of fuel to run those birds MarkX, so there is a whole lot more behind this “Eielson Revival” then keeping a few jobs – as there is “beacoup” money to be made which fuels the “War Chests” of those with the clout! It starts with the KOCH dynasty that realized more profits by shutting down that refinery and importing jet fuel – and how many North Pole workers were furloughed? Based on the fact that Uncle Sam pays whatever it takes for fuel, just look at the profit trail and we see how many are benefiting from this “perverted” maneuver of keeping a dilapidated military base as a place of employment. It has nothing to do anymore with the “military mission”, as if that be the case Eielson would be but a history book lesson. And, Eielson needs new steam boilers for heat and electricity! Yes, the EPA has insisted on the change out of the equipment that is today in a state of dire disrepair – which means another burden on the U.S. Taxpayers. Look, when the “brass” makes a decision to shut-down a base, there is a whole lot that goes into the equation. Then the political perversion, well it perverts the process. Even though Alaska's military bases rank high in the “Training Capabilities” due a whole lot of training grounds, in the “Cost to Operate” category, it ranks at the bottom. But with Eielson, which should have already been razed and re-seeded back to a natural state, Congressional interference at its best it is...OK, the delegation is only doing its job, as what is best for Alaska may not be in the best interest for the U.S. Taxpayers. Now many years ago, money was available to make such changes at the Eielson AFB power plant that is approaching 50-years plus – probably close to $500-million required – in efforts to continue to burn Joe Uselessbelli's crappy air polluting coal that comes “All Aboard” Sheffield's follies. See what I am getting at, the cast of characters that are making fine wine out of a dilapidated mess. So keeping this base alive, sure it keeps a few paychecks, but the big picture show is in the “profits” made by a few. Yes, in Alaska there is a 1% faction bent on taking it with them! Like the Alaska Railroad, the KOCH Brothers and others that import jet fuel when a pipeline is right here with state backed incentives. It is a waste of our hard earned income, and does nothing to promote a defensive position with respect to our modern military. So, a few jobs and more pollution. And of course MoanaLisa and Don don't have to worry about breathing in that polluted air, save it for the pilots and families. When one looks at the evaluation criteria used by the “Brass”, Eielson fails the test of time, time and time again as the F-16s and the F-35s should be stationed closer to a fuel supply, like at JBER. What happens if Bill's railroad breaks down, then what? No jet fuel and no coal! Too bad we didn't look ahead and get that natural gas this way through a pipeline from up north. It would have been nice to present something “positive” to the brass making the decisions on this state's military future, like affordable and cleaner burning fuels. We have nothing to offer, but more of the same perverted failures. Here is what I am getting at. Even though it appears that our Congressional delegation used their behind the scenes “clout” to make it appear they care for us, this is all for the profits of keeping the “War Machine” on steroids. When the “Machine” is well fed, when the wheels are greased, so are the chances of re-election increased. Had we found a natural gas pipeline winding its way south for all that “stranded gas” up north, it would have been a tool at our disposal that showed we cared about a future military existence. Yet with this “perverted news” all we get from this stubbornness is more air pollution and more burden on out taxable income. It costs us more, we all suffer being so unprepared. Said again, we have nothing to offer so our delegation must resort to “punishment” tactics. Else they fail and we may remember that at the voting booth. And what in hell would Don do if he lost his “Curator” position? OK, he can continue to train wolves to eradicate the “homeless”. MoanaLisa, she can go back to land swindling. And one thing I am glad upon is the fact that the Air Force has seen the writing on the wall with infrastructure “Privatization” here in Alaska. When the ARMY was forced to “Privatize” its base infrastructure – like the power plants and water systems at Wainwright, Greely and JBER – well that recategorized “private property” purchased from Uncle Sam has been collateralized for debt, to the Canadians! Yes indeed, facilities required to maintain a military base here in Alaska are now owned by “Outsiders”. And yes, we loose there also, as the money the U.S. Taxpayers hand-over to Doyon Utilities is used as interest payments, to the Canadian banks! So, no jet fuel made in close proximity to the bases, no indication we will ever see a natural gas pipeline or cleaner air this America? It depends “What's in Your Wallet”! PS: Even Ted Stevens thought that Eielson had outlived its usefulness, but the way Don has thrown Ted under the bus since Ted is not here to defend himself, it gives Congressional “perversion” new life!

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