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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Good Will Hunting Sequel

So, What Do You Want To Do?

~ In Honor of Robin Williams ~

Film Date Release - Fall of 2018

This movie uses modern-day high tech innovations to "clone" a realistic living Robin Williams(Sean Mcquire), portraying a retired happy-go-lucky individual that enjoys sailing. He calls on Will after Professor Gerald Lambeau passes away, as Lambeau and Mcquire had remained close associates over the years passing, following Will's retreat from the "Southie" to chase after Skylar. In his will and testament, Lambeau had left a mathematical discovery only Will could decipher. An algorithm that could be used to calculate the winning numbers of the lottery - to which up until his death, Lambeau would chastise Sean day-in day-out for wasting money on odds a trillion-to-one. This algorithm held significance, and Mcquire understood the consequences of such a discovery, and needed Will to "fix" things. Old friends reunite, Chuckie now a prominent and wealthy "Demolition" business owner, Morgan still Morgan and Billy McBride a U.S. Senator, while Will and Skylar are happily married and living out west, raising a family.

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