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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Cantorbelles

On a late Friday, 4-days before the Karl Rove trained voter intimidation goon squads were to incite riots at the voting booths, to scare away Obama supporters, Eric Cantor – the GOP Congressional Water-Boy – he had spoken and conceded the 2012 presidential race to Obama. Talk about jumping the gun, but the early voting numbers spoke handsomely of an uncontested victory for the incumbent. Obama will not have to move out of the Oval Office, which means another four years of hatred from the “birthers” and also allowing George Herbert Walker Bush to reign still as this century's presidential failure – as a single term president. And of course, like father like son… And there is reason enough as to why the “water-boy” hit the podium to raise the truce flag, the white flag of defeat. His concession speech talked about a “Spirit of Cooperation”, something that has been missing in action over at the beltway even though Obama has maintained an open-door-policy. The GOP has found every excuse in the book to maintain a separation between Congress and the Commander-in-Chief, at the same time their dereliction away from Constitutional conviction has allowed for an erosion between that “church and state” separation, so fundamental a healthy society. The religious faction of today has become a pretty annoying obstacle to true American democracy. For those not in the know political shenanigans, Cantor is the official “water-boy” for House Speaker John Boehner and Senate GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. For the last four years wherein Obama has tried to lead this “dust bowl” country out of desperation and at the same time keep us safe and away from attacks upon the “Homeland”, Cantor and crew have been trying to destroy this country, by tactics designed to target and destroy Obama – wherein the trickle down theory affects us all. Basically speaking, a weakened Commander is testament to a weakened country. McConnell has voiced without disgrace this “seek & destroy, shock & awe” conviction, that his only “mission” as a sitting U.S. Senator is to destroy Obama. And are “We the Taxpayers” paying for this treason? Sure it is treason, as this is how a traitor reacts when a “black man” doesn't have to sit in the back of the bus and Mitch hates being in the “Minority”. And McConnell has practiced a “with us or against us” mandate his hooligan colleagues, which means he is a “bastard”. Well Mitch, you failed. And Boehner held the same conviction, to destroy Obama, because ObamaCare placed a tax upon “tanning” booths, which pissed Boehner off big time. So now comes the truce, as they have failed miserably this premeditated attack, after spending well over $58Million$ of taxpayers' loot on a plan of destruction without merit. Sure this is criminal, and the Sergeant of Arms was indeed AWOL his post, maybe black-mailed through intimidation or received a healthy bribe. But Obama has prevailed, so now the goons are coming front and center, for a very good reason. They are scared! See, Obama has 4-years to coast by as he pleases, as another term is not of interest and forbidden by the Constitution. Obama has succeeded above and beyond all expectations, even with “bounty” like rhetoric from American importers like Palin, and the history books will tell future generations all about this success story so far. But a president with “4 more years”, it comes with a very valuable tool more powerful then all of Congress - it is called the “Executive Privilege” or what George “Puppet” Bush declared after being re-elected somehow still suspicious, “Capital earned, capital to spend, so let’s start a WAR”. With the stroke of a pen, without even an iota of a consensus of approval or bipartisan cooperation from the House, Obama can make and break legislation. Basically, he can place into effect “law” that satisfies his goals. Everything he wanted to get done in his 1st term, a work product “For the People and All the People” that went without any consideration except ridicule by the Cantorbelles, it can now become a reality. See, the Cantorbelles thought there was no way in hell that Obama would ever see the likes of another term, come the 2012 election. Karl Rove was wrong again, and how much did the Koch brothers lose on this gamble? How many close heart attacks did Trump endure while blowing a blood-pressure fuse over Obama's birth certificate? They blew it, as their ideals stink that of a rabid skunk, which is good for America that they ended up in last place. So John, Mitch, Eric and the rest of the traitors that have maintained such attacks upon the Commander-in-Chief over and above the last four years, ha, ha! And I would wager that come next January, when the swearing in ceremony is official that Obama is still at the helm, Donald's blood pressure will sky rocket, and he will blow the main fuse! So maybe somewhere on the Oval Office desk under all of the congratulatory and inaugural ceremony invitations, hopefully there is a law awaiting the stroke of that pen, legislation that will penalize and possibly incarcerate the Cantorbelles, the Trumps, the Roves, and the rest of the Hannity insanity that has engulfed this country like a cow turd on an ant farm. What do you mean there is already a law of such? Yes, there is! It is called the Constitution and with Obama, it goes to show that this great emancipator of freedom is still strong, even after all these years of neglect, abuse and blasphemy from a derelict Congress. It goes too show that “We the People” still have the power to keep this country alive and well, even with a Congress on the lam. And maybe herein exists the gem, that an AWOL congress with an idiot IQ the likes of the Cantorbelles is better off with a “zero” performance mandate wherein a still rational America, can thus through assurances, place our vote with trust to that man at the helm with the hot-pen - to legislate and legalize what is best for this country's future. Like giving PEACE a chance once again along with goals to continue to protect the freedoms for that class that counts, to not cater to that class that has been behind the Cantorbelles’ plan of destruction, a well-funded plan. I am talking about that corporate Mitt Romney mentality “fearmark” that America is a business and the working class is just a bunch of lowlife pawns on a shuffle board. A game played out that consumes our wellbeing, wherein they refuse to lose - knock us out here, knock us around there, disposable we are their thinking. So pathetic it has been with the Congressional misguidance tuned toward the Bain mandate, a quest for success for the wealth lords at the proletariats’ class expense. We are not slaves mind you! With the “Masters of War”, war on the working class it is today by the Cantorbelles and company. Thank God for now, as maybe this ship of fools that has taken it upon themselves to steer us into forbidden waters, just so they can profit momentarily monetarily and politically, maybe we see a correction course on the horizon. Maybe it is time to break out that plank? Well things are different today, I hear every true American say, especially when Obama shed a tear during his 1st contest as the 44th ++, thanking America – all America no matter what side of the isle one rests his or her case. That is not a weakness, but reminds me of that age old poster that at one time made a stand of interest and confidence that there is hope, wherein an American Indian named Iron Eyes Cody sheds a tear for a nation bent on environmental destruction - no different then what the 112th Congress has been up to the last 4-years, destruction upon our freedoms, as they have other interests linked to special interests. Citizens’ United goes to show that money cannot buy this country, never could, never will. But with boatloads of un-taxed loot, no gainful employment and no sense of what the late John F. Kennedy once demanded, “Ask what you can do for your country” which didn’t mean a treasonous like mentality with a destructive mindset upon the American way of life and tranquility, wherein the wealthy have not a time clock to contend with so idle time finds time to think of ways to cause havoc upon a civil society and obstruct justice - they won’t give up as they hold grudges. We must all brace for the Rovers’ next move, be on the lookout for the Trumpster’s next move, and beware the Koch Suckers’ next move. But let’s hope that Obama’s score card continues to gain popularity, as a deterrent. And good thing it was that Obama was successful at destroying one of the tyrants that was part of this despicable cross-bred gang of traitors, the Bin man. Yes, it is fair to place the Cantorbelles - especially McConnell – along with Rove, Trump and the rest of the unrest in that treason” category – as the evidence speaks for itself, guilty! So the entire gang of misfits associated with the Cantorbelles' mandate, they are all lining up to kiss Mr. Obama’s you now what. Yet we cannot trust them as they have still a single mandate, destruction for America! So to the Cantorbelles, Rove, Trump and those evil brothers, happy days are here again because you guys lost big time this go-around. Ha, Ha, again! And of course I could inflict more pain your way, by saying something like “Happy Holidays”. But when the proletariat class finds comfort in good tidings and joy this season, that is enough because the subliminal message surrounding Obama's win, a win for the working class, it stabs you in the back - because when we have good fortune with what little wealth we own, it goes to show that with all your loot, all your wealth, all your tyrannic lunacy upon American democracy, well we win, you loose! Scorecard please....


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