Saturday, April 24, 2010

Satan Palin Fan Club

The Satan Palin Fan Club membership is out of control! I am talking the “Drill Baby Drill” mainstream tea party getting non-where mentality. Just because I posted an S.O.S. Alaskan Environmental Alert upon irresponsible “near-shore” oil development, it appears the cranks are coming out of the rotten wood work:

“You are a scumbag. You work here, this facility and company pay your rent. If it offends you so much leave. Your departure will make us all much happier, you goddam rat!”

And upon contributing to a complicated issue relating to “Our” oil and compensation:

“Do you receive a Permanent Fund Dividend check? I thought so. Why don't you go f*ck yourself? You are an oil whore just like XXXXXXX Natural Resources and you prove it every time you beg for that PFD money and every time you sign your name to that check.”

I guess it is just a good old exercise upon that 1st Amendment, or is it an exorcism, or true-grit existentialism!