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Monday, January 25, 2010

America’s Greatest Threat

So Bin Laden is alive and well, again trying to raise praise terrorist defined activities in the friendly skies! Now anybody that would place an insane incendiary device capable of igniting with temperatures so heated that it would melt steel, placing such a devise in their undergarment, would you want such idiocy as part of your game plan? But today, this country’s biggest threat is not Bin Laden, as he has laid low for several years. America’s biggest threat upon the trinity - life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - is not from abroad but homegrown. Today, this yet another threat upon us is clear and convincing, which seems to get reinforcements each and everyday it is allowed to exist as a bonafide threat. It is called American Greed. When one continues to hear the horror stories behind so-called Americans continuing to rip off the system, to rip off the Treasury, it is so mind boggling sinful that maybe our “WAR” efforts are miss-directed! Maybe we are way off course the major reason this country is tanking and on the brink of an economic and ethical TILT. Now for a long time it was those on welfare that held the distinguished label of con-artist typical rip-off artist, taking advantage of Uncle Sam’s generosity. Nowadays, it isn’t those in need of a handout, but individuals involved in taking advantage of government contracts. Even though Medicare and Medicaid continues to help this country sink economically, by a checks and balance system that continues to send out more checks to participating doctors and hospitals wherein this “balance” is just a suggestion, there has come before us the serious rip-off artists. The system is infiltrated by “crooks”, including those that represent Congress. But unfortunately the latter were honestly elected, so have immunity. But these real crooks, they have no qualms boasting the fact that it is rip-off central when dealing with Uncle Sam. Hey, what gives with this type of mentality? And a whole bunch of these CEOs engaged in this rip-off scam have degrees from what are supposed to be reputable institutes of higher learning, like Yale and Harvard and….And these thieves have American citizenship! They walk and talk the American line! Talk about a smoke-screen attempt to cover the truth. I am talking these fly-by-night outfits that are taking advantage of economic gains through involvement upon the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am talking scoundrels that see fit to handcuff Uncle Sam, with ransom notes demanding payments for basically “Nothing”! It is happening all around. I bet if you look up and down your neighborhood, there is one freak-show citizen within punching bag distance that will head off to work today with one and only one intent, getting laid, I mean getting paid for finding even more ways to hijack the U.S. Treasury. And here is the sad fact of the matter. This is not a crime that can be solved and eliminated overnight by laws, as there seems to always be this “loop-hole” bailout clause. When this country’s citizens hear the call to Patriotism and realize that it is “our” government that they are so intent on stealing away the crown jewels and realize this is not the way it is supposed to work, then maybe Lincoln’s head will not look so heavy, so tired, and then and only then will this country find itself on the road to recovery. In the meantime, can we get a security detail at the Treasury? Oh, it was outsourced to save money but is costing us twice as much and the armored guards have more important things to do, like turning a blind eye as their bosses run off with un-accounted for loot, for bonuses! Sad fact of the matter, the checks are not counterfeit, the checks have no bounce except the fact that it seems that it can bounce from one CEO court of approval to another CEO’s court of approval and still get cashed, like these crooks have indeed succeeded at one all-important impossibility, perpetual motion! And it is making me dizzy, please stop this train before it wrecks, please stop and let me off, as I want nothing to do with homegrown terrorists fulfilling Bin Laden’s ultimate threat, that of economic doom! We are becoming our own worst enemy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Calm Down!

Why is everybody in a panic tizzy over the Supreme Court’s decision on election spending? The high court’s ruling was in essence a win for America, as it upholds the inherent rights found in the framework of the Constitution. Namely the 1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech…It is an opinion that reinforces this prized possession we as Americans have at out disposal in efforts to enjoy the trinity – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is all so important these days as ego’s and special interests’ combined try so hard in vain to dismantle what is left of the great emancipator. So what, now that corporate America can spend zillions on campaign adds. I don’t have to listen. In fact, it will probably provide comic entertainment. Look at all the false advertising that comes from corporate advertisement today. It is a jokester’s affair, so use it to your advantage, as medicine is still the best laughter. And please remember this well established fact of the matter, we Americans are tired of the corporate mentality. Americans despise the corporate entity, like the giant EXXONs. So what valuable consideration will be given to wasted spending on expensive air-time? Nothing, on my watch. It is an evil necessity, the corporation mentality, but it doesn’t mean I have to abide by the “with them or against them” Bush doctrine mentality. As far as I am concerned this opinion upon corporate campaigning, it is just more rope to hang themselves, the corporations that is. In fact, it may have a rather reverse and adverse effect. If for instance a corporation spends millions to defend a candidate of choice and at the same time refuses upon a wage raise for its workers, it will cause disgruntlement. Hey, it is the workers that really control a corporation. If the workers walked off, or stalled deliveries to the point it was causing pain and suffering upon the board of directors, do you really think the bonus bosses could keep the production line running? NO! It is that simple. So to all workers concerned about the Supreme Court's decision. If you don’t get a raise and you see wasted commercials paid for by your boss, then go on strike. It is called company sabotage. It can work. And here is another thing that must be remembered. This opinion by the Supremes makes it clear and convincing that the corporation is a person. That is good, as it opens up liability considerations. And take the Free Speech Right inherent in Alaska’s very own Constitution. Section 1.5 – Free Speech: Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all aspects, “BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ABUSE OF THAT RIGHT.” And that is the key, responsible for any abuse. So if a corporation spends money, it must do so with some semblance of responsibility, if not they may be spending a whole lot more in litigation. That is why this will backfire if it is used for anything but an exercise of free speech. And if corporations have all this extra money to spend on outside activities, then maybe state legislators will begin to realize that increasing corporate taxation is a ways and means to pay for more important things, like education, new roads, much more important things then commercialization of politics!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seek and Thou Shall Find

They never tell us the bad news. They never tell us the truth. So it is still much of the same - nonsense. I am talking the state bureaucrats that once upon a time hid under the umbrella of the “Corrupt Bastards Club”. It is hard to break old habits. Maybe the entire cast can audition for “Intervention”! Now today I am talking the use of that umbrella to hide the amount of diesel spilled just a few weeks back by an escort tug in Prince Williams’ Sound. You would think this finding in report form to the public with the final tally would be front-page news once the spill size in question was official, maybe along side the front pager advertising the fact that the EXXON spill of 89 continues with its adverse effects, as crude oil lingers on deep down in the mudflats found along the coastlines in and around the Sound. But we must rely on some guy from Philly to tell us the bad news. What happened to homegrown concerns? Did this state outsource all its research? Did responsibility go down the drain? Was Bill Allen that effective? So what ever happened to local hire? See, the regulators in Alaska are indeed asleep at the wheel. So in today’s Anchorage Daily Stool, a little blurb not part of the news but in the “Public Notice” section found way in the back past all the adds and other boring bull-crap, it is claimed by Crowley’s mismanagement department that 6140 gallons of diesel spilled into the sound when the Pathfinder rammed into Bligh Reef. That’s a lot of fuel, and all the time the state idiots on scene said there was no apparent damage. Just how much of that was sulfur? I guess DEC’s motto stands as always: “The solution to pollution is delusion”. I meant dilution! And supposedly there exists some 20,000 gallons of Exxon’s crap left behind from that corporation’s - with unlimited immunity - famous wreck on the same damn reef. So this most recent diesel spill is a bunch when we consider that what is left over from the Hazelwood follies, as is substantial in comparison. “No apparent damage”? Hey, if you believe that there is a bridge for sale…. Bottom line, this spill will indeed help the Exxon cause by masking all previous research questionable, as Exxon’s attorneys are smart. Na, na, na, na, na you can’t prove anything anymore! And the way the courts play favoritism with Exxon, why not just do what is best. Change the name of this state to “Exxonaska”. Why not? They seem to own it, or at least have preferential treatment with the justice system. They can pollute the shorelines and get away with a small fine and community service. They can get away with just about everything and anything. This is a case wherein it would be best to join them rather then fight back. It is definitely a “with them” rather then an “against them” sounding. So, lets do the right thing for all concerned, change this state’s name and motto. Instead of Alaska and like already mentioned how about “Exxonaska”. And as far as the motto, instead of the “Last Frontier”, how about “Pollution Rules”. But just think of the possibilities if we all signed up and made it known that we have bent over to the Tiger, that we want to be on their side, no matter what. Hey, I wonder if health care would be included as a bonafide stake-holder’s perk? But I am sure that any adverse health effects from lingering toxicity would be considered a pre-existing condition with coverage denied, as that would effect the bottom-line, which today is nothing but outrageous CEO bonuses, for blunder like cover ups. And it appears this state’s bureaucrats have learned well this monkey-can’t see, monkey-can’t do attitude. Exxon Valdez and now the Pathfinder, an escort vessel hard aground on Bligh Reef, with so damage or apparent danger to the Sound. Sounds fishy in my book, but what does one expect when the bureaucrats have already passed the grade with this “with them” mentality. “We the People”? Hey, that researcher from Philly, can you lend a helping hand? So we can no longer eat the fish in Cook Inlet because of the amount of human crap that is discharged each and everyday smack right head-on the migration. And it appears the fish in the Sound are bombarded once again! Alaska has turned into a real live creep show. Don’t believe me, just turn on the History channel!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Sweet Success!

The sweet smell of success! I catch a whiff of it every time I drive down past Tudor and Elmore intersection. It’s the SouthCentral Foundation’s ANHC – Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. You can’t miss it, as it shows off more a university setting then a “co-pay & bag’m” facility like that found over on Providence Drive. And it appears the ANHC campus continues to grow, now sporting a covered garage for staff, visitors and patients alike. So not only does this modern hi-tech facility provide health care second too none, it provides jobs for the construction crews. No doubt good paying “union” jobs, or possibly Davis Bacon wages. And I understand the famed ANHC has a record of rating that almost denies the chance of staff infection. Beyond that, this outfit has something to be proud of, besides winning a heck of a lot of awards for patient care. It tops the scale with respect to preparedness and readiness to respond in the event of a national emergency. It is the only facility in Alaska that sports such credentials, based on patient to medical staff ratios and available equipment. Basically, over-crowding is not an issue. And over at the airport, there is an advertisement that boasts to travelers and tourist this success story: “Alaska Native People Shaping Health Care - SouthCentral Foundation”. On the website for this institution - pointing out Public Law 638 titled “Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act” - that since the foundation’s start-up, it has dramatically increased its patient clientele base with a whole bunch of statistics that makes me want to sign up for this kind of first rate treatment. Now this health facility itself is gigantic, sizing in bigger then the two other “public” ER’s combined. The IHS acts as the principle federal heath advocate for Indian people. Its goal is to ensure comprehensive heath services for American Indians and Alaska Natives and to raise their health status to the highest possible level. “The Highest Possible Level”, what a mission statement, what a goal achieved! So, this is the proof in the pudding. This is basically “public” healthcare success in disguise. The only thing that keeps the public out is the fact that it is a system reserved today for those of Indian blood and heritage. But it is a show of “our” government at work and engaged in health care, at least to the point of providing guidance and the seed money through grants for its continued operation. So without confusion and no need for further debate, this is what health care for all should be modeled after. In fact, with a vote for a public option health care plan managed by an outfit like this with already a proven success, what more could any American ask for with respect to health care? Nothing, as this works. And it can be expanded and work for all of America. The blueprint for success is right here, right in front of Congress, as they oversee the IHS funding and know exactly this success story. So we have before us a proven system, executed by the government, funded by the government and complaints seem to be few and far between. It is a plan good enough for all citizens of this country. Congress started this, they know about it, then what are they afraid of?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crap Shoot

Why is it that the Clintons – both Bill & Hillary – must use misery as another opportunity for a photo-shoot? “Here we are, come and flash us….Hurry up Hillary, where’s your fake smile showing you love me…Up yours Bill”. Has anybody got some extra CIALIS? Its hard-on medicine, “so you can be ready anytime the moment is right”. If extra dosage is found, send it to Bill and maybe the couple can stay home this weekend, safe and away from more destructive Americanism. So why in hell Madame Hillary is encouraged to take a plane to Haiti, it is ridiculous interference. According to her taxpayer-funded spokesperson, Hillary wants a first hand look at the destruction in Port-au-Prince. Hillary, just turn on your twitter! This is 2010! The time and efforts wasted trying to get your fat butt down there is time and efforts taken away from humanitarian aid needed so desperately right now, don’t clog up the arteries of help – not now. Bottom line, the Clintons are remains of freak show family politics. Bill ruined the U.S. Presidency; it has never been the same since his terms of endangerment and may never regain the statute and status that position once enjoyed, with men like Washington and Lincoln at the helm. After Bill and Hillary it was Bush and Laura, and I recommend cutting George’s mug-shot out of every new Webster’s and replacing it with that of Alfred E. Neuman. As far as Obama, the new kid on the block, seems like a failed civics lesson on what taxation and the U.S. Treasury really stands for. It is not a perpetual Willy Wonka candy factory! When is enough just that? And if Pelosi would just show up to officiate meaningful legislation instead of spending days in Botox makeovers or withdrawals, maybe this country could be what it is supposed to be, a leader instead of a lender. Look, the terrorists are alive and well, right here on the Homeland, just look at the individuals receiving gigantic bonuses after the taxpayers’ bailout and that points to the guilty. “fake” Americans ripping off “True” Americans. It accounts for widespread looting, and this is the United States, not Haiti. The Clinton’s have enough “skeleton closets” and past deeds of mistrust that they should just go away, and be heard only when necessary, like Jimmy Carter. You don’t see Carter trying to get in on the action right away. Has Bill ever strutted a hammer blow for Houses for Humanity? No, for the Clinton’s it is all money and fame and a run at more power. Just go away! At least that is one thing comforting about George, he has fallen off the map! Look, when Bill had an affair in the Oval Office and lied to American, he burned the bridges forever with ethics. The Whitehouse should have been torched, or at least the Oval should have been renovated. And Hillary was given her new position just as payback, as things remain the same in Washington, pathetic. Not to blame Obama, but Congress is indeed suffering from ED – Erectile Dysfunction. Now if taking the prescription, one of the “Uncommon Side Effects Include”: “An erection that won’t go away. Loss of vision and hearing”. Sounds just like Congress today! So maybe they are all overdosed on CIALIS! Look, this country should have been better ready for a disaster upon a neighboring country like Haiti. But remember Katrina? When our military is tired, when our equipment to fight or aid other brothers and sisters in need is broken and worn-out, what do we expect? All the money wasted trying to force upon others not American democracy but cronyism, it is starting to wear us out. And humanitarian aiding, it is one thing this country does do well. So maybe that should be this country’s emphasis and focus for the future and a mission yet to accomplish. Instead of occupying, how about humanifying? Maybe it is time to turn the tides and focus on an entirely different mindset. Look, we have enough bombs – nuclear – in the arsenal to obliterate everything. So why be afraid of anything? Can you imagine what freedom this country would enjoy if tomorrow the arms of the army went replaced with tools to modernize the 3rd world nations, if the rifle was replaced with the sickle, for food production? Or replaced by the hammer for building homes and schools? Just imagine if our goal today were to make hunger a thing of the past by next year and then soon after no human would go unsheltered? We have the know how, we have the time and talent, we just have not the leadership as that has been sold to whores wearing blue dresses, drug dealing CEOs, maggot bankers and gun runners. And “We the People” suffer, as neglect upon our brothers and sisters is neglect upon our pride!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sarah, Oh Sarah!

Who asked me? That is, my opinion on what Sarah Palin left as a legacy. For a long time and almost a mainstay in that category, it was Drill Baby Drill. The fallout of such will show its ugly face sooner then later here in Alaska, when the tundra ranks in comparison to “Love Canal”, it’s coming to a neighborhood bird refuge near you! But can she be blamed for any adverse effects this irresponsible exploration and exploitation push on that fallows this “drill now plan later” mentality? She just reinforced the wheels already in motion as Alaska’s governess, so the regulators are the true responsible party, and we see each day with each new spill – not only in Prudhoe Bay but fuel spills all along the Alaskan coastline – that any oversight is missing in action. Probably those with that responsibility are stuck in line trying to get Palin’s autograph, or afraid to perform their duty, afraid just like Congress. And Sarah started an entirely new chapter with respect to Peyton Place and National Enquirer type paparazzi rhetoric and harassment. Not to forget was her debut into the fashion wardrobe world, Jerry Springer action figures and not to forget the McCain follies. But more credit is due Sarah. Early on in her career, Sarah had no problems taking on the powerful bureaucratic entities in and around Alaska. And talk about taking on adversary? She had no problem wrestling away the governor’s seat from Frank. Maybe she didn’t realize what she was doing, but it worked. Palin had no problems taking on the head of the GOP, when he was caught “red handed” using paid state time and state assets to breed more GOP followers. Palin performed a “rat out” on one of her own! She even had not a problem taking on Russia, by telling the world she could see this Rogue-Rouge nation from her bathroom window, like she was not afraid that this far from democracy government was so close to Alaska. From her backyard! So maybe it is time for credit where credit is due. Sarah Palin has taken on the world. She has no bounds and no restrictions taking on anybody or any entity, for reason or not. To that gift, credit is due. Like has been the time tested saying, we choose our battles. Seems Sarah has no ties or limits to this rule, and for her the sky seems the limit. We should all take something from this mentality, reckless or not, as it is needed today. The way “Big Government” has captured, rather incarcerated our freedoms, the way Congress has failed the American people time and time again, out of desperation maybe we have no choice but to take on Goliath. Now I am not a Sarah Palin fan, except for this single quality. She has “balls”! Taking on the “Big Show” is what is missing in action today by the citizens of this once great nation. It appears we would rather take a back seat and let “our” country go to ruins. Look, there is only a handful of crooks performing this national lobotomy upon righteousness and stealing away the U.S. Treasury. At last count it was like less then 500 strong, so we outnumber the crooks 60-million to 1! What are we waiting for? What are we afraid of? So Sarah may not be fit for the presidency, she may not be fit for any other public office in the future, but we must put aside our distrust and dissatisfaction and give credit were credit is indeed due, even for just a short spell. Remembering that she was fit to take on controversy, take on inept government, take on even McCain’s back stage back stabbing staff, so it shows no favoritism and pure John Wayne guts, signifying that she has Constitutional fortitude - something fatality missing in action today on the Hill and almost a thing of the past for “We the People”. So to lessons learned. We need to take the same stand against insane rulers, gatekeepers and make it known that even though we are only one voice, just a “Lone Ranger” individual trying to keep safe what is Constitutionally ours by birth, that being the enjoyment of life, liberty and a continued pursuit to happiness, and that together “We are ONE” and can make a big difference. If we only cared and tried individually to at least be heard, just like Sarah has been overly successful at, so far! And one thing seems to be missing her bag of tricks: If you can’t beat them, join them. Maybe it is time for something more appropriate today’s climate, Palin style: If you can’t join them, beat them. Where do I sign up? Hey, did Dylan write a song about Sarah a long, long time ago? Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands? “Oh, who among them do they think could bury you?…Who among them do they think could carry you?…Who among them can think he could outguess you?…Who among them would try to impress you?…But why did they pick you to sympathize with their side?…Oh, who among them do you think could destroy you.”

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Happy Days!

“Oh happy days, when Jesus washed, washed my sins away, Oh happy days” So go Ted! Not talking Ted Stevens, but Ted Olson, who today sports the most knowledgeable authority on Constitutional law, usually taking the conservative view when trying to convince the Supreme Beings – a.k.a. The United States Supreme Court. And on the other side of the fence, David Boies, who represented Al Gore in Bush verses Gore. Ted Olson was Bush’s attorney for that heated event. Now when you see these two brilliant men of legalize on the same stage taking up not sides upon national issues, but teaming together, I guess Dylan was right with, “It’s all Good”. Ted and Dave are teaming up to overrun proposition 8, which outlawed same sex marriage in California. And their thrust is the fact that it is un-Constitutional to have such a ban as a law upon law-abiding citizens. Many states have done the same or find secret ballot initiative banning drives supported by un-taxed money. That’s church money! Do you realize that if church was taxed like it should there would be no deficit and every kid in this country would be clothed, nourished and allowed to go to college, for free! So when constitutional scholars come forward, not for fame or fortune, realizing that what the voters do sometimes shows a lack on understanding their decision making, how it effects our rights to the trinity, that being life, liberty and pursuit to happiness, when statesmen like Ted and Dave come forward on their on accord to make sure those inherent rights generated by the great emancipator are not trampled upon, it is all Good. And when these two righteous men stand in front and debate the negative side of such legislation banning the trinity upon the gay society, the Judgment grantors will no doubt realize that rights are being compromised, then there will come across America “Happy Days”, like a new age revival wherein “We the Real People” see how the Constitution remains almighty and fair from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans with liberty and justice for all. So to Jerry Prevo and all the other goons who have sunk millions of dollars and millions of lies upon this issue generating yet more prejudice, Go To Hell, as you have not a leg to stand upon when it comes to true Constitutionality. Not even your fake god can take away what the real God provided to all his children, the right! And Jerry, maybe if you put all that money you confiscated for snake oil sermons, just think if all that money was sent towards the good of man, like preparing a place like Haiti for natural disasters, then you may have something to be proud upon, instead of sticking it to your brothers and sisters, just like you practiced upon the Anchorage assembly - with discriminatory war. I think its called “HATE”! And that Jerry is banned from My Constitution.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Uncle Sam Intervention

Maybe “Interference” would fit better this ridiculousness. I am talking the fact that the Anchorage Museum is about to raise the entry fee! Now why would anybody spend hard earned money just to see the world’s largest staircase? Yes indeed, thanks to MoanaLisa MurCowski robbing the treasury in efforts to provide “pork” to build something not needed, we are stranded with yet another nothing. All we have after millions of wasted dollars is a stairway to nowhere! Talk about the “Stranded Gas Act”, what about a “Stranded Infrastructure Act”? But maybe there can be a roof top observation post build so in the summer those that dig deep into their wallets can get a good look at “Congressman for Alaskans” Don Young’s notorious eyesore nightmare, the failed “Point McKenzie Wood Chip Export Facility”. Once again something to nowhere, build by the U.S. Taxpayers, a facility that has seen only “One” boatload of woodchips heading towards the export market. So we build this crap and then cannot afford to operate or maintain. It goes back to this “Build to Destroy” mentality. With the museum, just raise the rates. The tourists won’t know any better. And the fact that this museum is the recipient of even more wasted “pork”, for a People Mover Transit Depot, do you really think it will be allowed as a transient hangout? No, because it will be a heated facility and I bet it will have security and operating hours. And with the heating, I am sure that some routes will have to be cut, just to pay for this museum extension. Pathetic that this state’s bearcats and voters still cannot get it after all these years, that money for jobs that doesn’t develop a sustainable jobs infrastructure has only one reason it still exists. We have not intelligent representation when it comes to the real problems facing this nation. We have representatives that now only one thing, bring home the bacon and it is a guarantee for that job for a lifetime. That is the only thing MoanaLisa learned from her dad, Frank. A do nothing U.S. Senator and a do less Alaskan governor. See, Palin had nothing to worry following in a do nothing’s shoes. Even just showing up was reason for celebration and reward. Imagine a job wherein you are the nepotism favorite and have the audacity to vote yourself in a raise every year, no matter how bad the economy is. So there is madness in this “pork” to create jobs. Don Young once said it to set it straight. “Nancy Pelosi is a rabid skunk”. Now how did that enter this conversation? Off on a tangent! When this state was becoming the laughing stock state of the United States, with the “Bridge to Nowhere” concept, Don said he didn’t care if ever there was a connecting roads structure to support a bridge with paying customers, as it was for the jobs and nothing else. If somebody could back up the time line and show how much “pork” this state has received for no other reason then to create jobs, there would be a hanging! What ever happened to all the “Foreign Trade Zones” that were supposed to allow multi-billion dollar corporations to use Alaska as a proving grounds supporting a climate of sustainable manufacturing? It worked on paper, but one thing was forgotten about, the high cost of energy here in the state that produces more crude oil then Texas and California combined. It is cheap oil, for the companies that have raped and performed pilferage upon those resources for the past 30-years. Alaska has blown every opportunity to become self-sustaining. We blew it with the Delta Barley Project. We blew it again with a natural gas pipeline when Yukon Pacific held the Right-of-Way in efforts to get that commodity to market, that was 25-years ago. But the state bearcats were stubborn, and today we see the failure form having representation – both Federal and State – performing the same type of lobotomy like representation upon the constituents. And take this Alaskans. Do you realize that the Number 1 target by rouge nations is Alaska? Yes indeed, in efforts to keep their jobs, this state won out as the Star Wars deployment state, for a project that has already been written off by the military brass itself as failed. It doesn’t work, but thanks to baby Begich and MoanaLisa, this state is getting 80-more rockets that when deployed, because of navigational problems like swamped silos, these bastard rockets could end up in your backyard! But the enemy doesn’t know that this project was a flop and is today as we speak already being replaced by sky bound interceptors with high powered lasers. So, if there is a confrontation or a glitch, kiss your ass goodbye. With this and that, the museum is just more of the same, waste, crap, idiotic and I am sure that there will be more of the same coming our way, as the only way the current delegation can maintain a do-nothing job is by taking the easy way out. With keys to the Treasury, just keep on borrowing as the credit card line has no limits and one day, that bill with interest will show its ugly face, and guess who will have to dig deep to cover the expenses? Congress, our ticket to bankruptcy.

Gag Me with a Spoon!

OK, my wife made me do it! Sit through the Shannyn Moore Show. That my friends was just as unpleasant as a mandatory session listening to Arianna Huffington huff & puff her way to glory! Good thing that upon Christmas past I was the beneficiary of a Black Butte XXI 11% glycolic beverage, as that eased the pain. OK, the Moore show was not that bad! It was an alright broadcast, nothing Doberman like, until the entire cast on stage thought it was comedy central and started laughing upon the subject of whistleblowers. It wasn’t an attack, just show-time boredom as this one particular segment was progressing at a snail’s pace and providing nothing but wasted airtime. Sponsors beware! But it doesn’t surprise me, the comedy spot, as even the good and accurate factor pundits - like Olbermann’s Countdown - have changed course over the years and behave more and more like it is a reality TV show he or she is facilitating. Who’s on 1st? I was an early on follower of Olbermann, when it was pure seriousness. Nowadays, he gets caught up in the fantasy alley, just like Alaskan bloggers spending precious time reporting on false witness representation – a.k.a. Rush wannabes like Sarah Palin and company. Today, about the only good show that tries to nail the coffin without prejudice is the “Ed Show”. But I am sure when ratings crash, bring on the crap publicity that sells Viagra! Anyway, making fun of whistleblowers, that was the straw that…See, we really need strong individual not afraid to blow the cover of corruption, to blow the whistle. Internal prosecution can make a big difference, but the way the laws are structured giving escapism a dimension of its own for a business, it is difficult to excite employees to perform ethically, like blowing the whistle when things internally are not up and up. Bottom line, it is not a laughing matter. As there are no laws to protect those that see fit to buck the system, and it does mean unemployment, so maybe the facilitator should be more sensitive to what the panel crusades upon. Moore had the opportunity to make that point clear and convincing but the laughter continued. Disgraceful in my book. But then again, it appeared to be a fallout from show-time boredom. And instead of having a show that listens to one side a lopsided debate, it would do the community a better service to provide a counter punch, so both sides are represented, this in regards to the one sided debate about the Alaskan fisheries. Look, I have listened for over 30-years this gloom and doom from those that try to make a living from the high seas. It is a two way street. Win some, loose some. Look, I heard nothing on this show about how many times Uncle Sam has purchased those FV fishing vessels in efforts to save a fish species from going extinct. The boat buy back program - designed for the “little guys” - allows boats gainfully employed in fisheries with dwindling stocks to be sold and purchased by Uncle Sam at the fair market value, then auctioned off for pennies on the dollar. This may be where the “bailout” stuff originated. Once sold, the only restriction is the fact that the boat can no longer engage in the fisheries it previously helped deplete. So the boat is re-purchased, usually by the old owner, decked out from the savings ripping off Uncle Sam, all in efforts to attack another species. Over time, that species dwindles away to shocking stock numbers and once again the boat buy back program comes into effect, wherein boats are again purchased and starts the same damn thing all over again. A GAO account has reported that some boats have been purchased three times by Uncle Sam! It is by far another rip-off scheme made available through the U.S. Treasury courtesy the taxpayers. So when the panel attacks Ted and Ben, bravo on that, it is Ted that started this rip off program and I have never heard any fisherman complain about it, as it is like an insurance policy for the future. Like fishery insurance reform courtesy Uncle Sam. Let Sammy but it! And no fisherman out there can say that the year-round halibut season did any good for Alaskan consumers! It is a supply and demand thing. Halibut has increased in price, gone way down in quality as the outdated crap must sell before the fresh stuff, and we call this commerce for all? Like Moore pointed out, the resources belong to the people of Alaska, but what’s in your wallet? So even though this show touched on things of interest, it falls short a real forum that has meaning. Maybe over time it will prove to be beneficial, but who the hell is watching. I fear her panel count was more then the audience. And the only reason I was in front of the tube was the fact it was too cold outside to ski comfortably and I stay away from the trails when Randall is out loose! Here is another thing. Everybody looks so uncomfortable! Shannyn, get a table so when the panel is not engaged in conversation, they can play with themselves, I mean twitter! And remember what the authorities say about the mudflats, “Dangerous. Don’t Get Stuck!”

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Richie Rich Kid

There exist a whole lot of things that extend without merit in messing up my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness these days. Congress out of control is one of those messes. But what about outside interests with nothing better to do then try to disrupt my peace and quiet? Lets take the “underwear” bomber that tried in vain to take down a plane full of happy travelers with some contraption he purchased while in Yemen? First and foremost, there may be a trend occurring herein this latest situation to bomb innocent travelers. Hey assholes, we peon class travelers packed in these planes like sardines, we are not the reason this country has wars of occupancy and secret wars going on abroad. “We the People” have been hijacked, so please leave us alone. You want revenge, seek out those that are not only trying to destroy your world, but at the same time their actions or inactions are taking a toll on my liberties! And so what is the 1st thing that occurs when the administration finds out that this dirty “underwear” bomb was fabricated and sold from Yemen? Increase spending. Basically, pay them off for practicing killing field restraint, by taking pity upon innocent Americans. The world has become sick. If only we put our energies together for the good, the Creator would reward. What is wrong with this administration? It appears that it is nothing short of a Bill Clinton dereliction in disguise. Let’s face the facts; Hillary is not doing one iota of good dressed to the hilt as an ambassador. The squirrel that resides in my backyard practices better diplomacy! And Bush was not anything close a president, so the last 8-years have been discounted as comatose! For Obama’s first year, the verdict is still out but it appears when working with a broken Congress, nothing is possible. This world is closer to nuclear holocaust now then ever before, it is so close towards a meltdown. Like the cold-war relics still have reason to believe that it wants to test the ultimate authority, an all out strike. Get over it Ollie, give peace a chance. And to everybody out there in the 111th Congressional cesspool, “war is over if you want it”. Now the “underwear bomber” was a Richie Rick kid. He went to grade school that cost his old man - a banker - $50,000 a year. Then it was on to some Richie Rich kid college and when he graduated, his inheritance or weekly allowance allowed him the luxury of a million dollar flat in London. This kid never owned up to a real job, a sweat type job that builds character. Putting it in perspective, this kid had a whole lot of free time on his side and money to cause pain and suffering upon others. Basically, since he was spoon fed since birth he became bored with life, as there existed no challenges. I have kids, kids that have not the time or luxury to behave like Richie Rich kid as they have more important things to do, like paying back college loans and working their butts off just to get ahead. So there may be a moral in this almost sad story that ended up a warning. The rich are the doom of this country. We often make fun of inbreeding, but what is coming out of the cradle from rich bastard bedrooms, it is pathetic, dangerous and if we don’t put a stop to it, it will postpone peace on earth. Bottom line, when we allow the rich to get away with bundles of cash wherein they will breed generations that will never have to work for a living, wherein these spoiled kids can through boredom do as they please, we are breeding hoodlums. And when we allow Congress to giveaway the Treasury to CEOs, theses failed idiots who dress well, eat well, these idiots I re-iterate who seem not able to even balance a cork never mind billions, well we may be getting what we deserve, for letting Congress get away with thievery. There is a solution. Bottom line, anything over the Federally mandated trinity wage defined as that amount of cash necessary to live like a Congressmen - namely approximately $178,000 - it should all be taxed at 100%. Anything below that amount, no taxation. Hey, Congress sets their own salary in efforts to reach that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness – the so-called trinity. They know what it takes, so are not they supposed to set the stage so “We the People” can have an equal opportunity? Of course, that is what is behind representation. So when and if we feel obligated to take hold of the out-of-control system that is causing a dereliction in fairness, then we may start to see people afraid to even think to cause this country harm. When we see “Defense Bills” that no longer contain enough “pork” wherein even Congressional delegate kids have to start working for a living, instead of just giving away the henhouse, then maybe there is hope. See, the wars - both the un-Constitutional Iraq and Afghanistan wars and private CIA wars - all have become nothing more then a murderess ways and means for corporations to make a bundle. Peace? Forget it as that doesn’t make money for CEOs and the money saved from not killing could be used for more beneficial things, like fixing this country’s dilapidated highways infrastructure. It is pathetic, if not criminal, the way Congress behaves nowadays. Look, the old outdated lame excuse that they can do as they please because they are elected by the people is crap, as we don’t know what they do day in day out in efforts to blatantly giveaway the Treasury., or behind closed door secluded meetings to fund secret CIA atrocities or bilking the Americans out of their inheritance. Bernie Madoff was nothing compared to the Ponzi scheme that the representative body resorts too, in efforts to keep their cushion high paid jobs for a lifetime. See if we knew upfront what they planned to do, we may say “NO”! So there exists problems and readily available solution. But as the rich get richer and the middle class hard working salt of the earth Americans get weaker, there will come terror, from rich assholes who will use all their money to get their kids out of jail free, when caught red handed with dirty underwear. And just wait and see how many true American lawyers will come to the expensive aid of this idiot, saying that everybody deserves a fair trial. They are un-patriotic Americans in it for the buck, just like Congress. Money hungry crazy bastards that give not a rat’s ass what the history books will say, as there is always another side of the story, it is called bipartisan bickering. So, if there is one clear-cut reason other civilizations hate America, it is because of the rich bastard image. This is not an attempt to shame capitalism as the latter can work as long as the strings attached are controlled by those whose contributions follow the American standard, of love thy neighbor and share as you cannot take it with you when you…. Too much money is dangerous, and it appears that Richie Rich kid deserves one line of credit, for some new underwear, please make it a thong to wrench his golden sweat missing neck. Talk about a proud Dad! Maybe Mr. Banker should have spent time with his kids, teaching them about life, instead of letting them learn by themselves how to take another’s innocent life.

Missing Bird Mystery Alert

I am not a scientist. When puzzled with fuzzy logic, slug mass math or big bang theorizing, I resort to the expertise of Phineas J. Whoopee for advise and advice, as his 3-D BB seems to always find a simpleton answer. Sorry, the 3-D BB is not a brassiere sizing! And I believe in the almighty equation made famous by Newton, the “Zero Root” equation, which seems to define the sum intelligence of all of Congress when gathered together under one roof in efforts to do something about Health Care. Actually Mark Twain held the best possible solution for Congress – Jail! Things never change towards the positive with politics. But there may exist a health care issue of serious concern, consequences and importance needing immediate government funding. Hey, if Alaska under Ted Stevens’ reign of corruption could get Federal assistance to study the penis size of the male Musk oxen…. And this present concern may be an issue upon “Global Warming” even though the Gore Hypotheses was tainted. There appears to be something rotten in Anchorage. Sure we have rape out of control and homicide out of control and obesity out of control and a mayor out of control and discrimination out of control, but there appears something wrong in nature. My New Year’s Day bird-count was devastating from previous years’ beak counts. We have overcrowding in the skies by Ravens, but what ever happened to the chickadee population? It has crashed. Down almost 90% from historical estimates according to my present feeding records. It is scary! Even so with the more secluded mountain chickadee species, wherein the woods are void their merry song. And I saw a bird that was really difficult to identify, as it had the body of a chickadee but the head with beak that of a nuthatch! Any help on this one from local bird watching aficionados? Now it seems that in the past when hundreds of chickadees would bombard my backyard feeders, a few nuthatches would intervene now and then, like they hung out with the chicks. But this early season I would see days wherein it was just nuthatches, no chickadees whatsoever. Nothing had really changed around my neighborhood that would upset the normal bird patterns this time of year. I live a stones throw away from Campbell Tract, so that wilderness still persists with some semblance of “unchanged”. The weather has been the same, normal. And whatever happened to all the damn brown bears that once frequented this neck of the river and creek. Sure the BLM tract was off limits this past biking season, but there came zero reports when just the previous year to not see a browny in that backcountry meant somebody was asleep at the wheel. Something is going on. Now I work up north, where polar bears thrive. There has come a drastic change in the ecosystem up that way, the ice is disappearing at alarming rates. Polar bears are being seen all the time, when just a few years ago it was a rarity this time of year, as they would not dear lower themselves to human interaction, but now have a reason as they are on the look out for food that has disappeared from their normal hunting grounds. That change may be by contribution the fallout of Gore warming. But here in Anchorage proper, what is with the diminishing chickadee population? It has to be the meth that is entering this state from outside influences. Look, just the other day a 70-year old man was picked up in a sting, for bringing meth to Alaska. It was a capture of 23-pounds of this nasty drug. Who in hell here in Alaska is using this stuff? See, we blew it by criminalizing Mary Jane! This may be payback for conceited legislation. And here is my take on the birds. The woods in and around Anchorage have become safe haven for the “fake” homeless, those that need meth to support an existence of nothingness. At least “true” homeless have meaning to society as it makes people happy to contribute to the cause. So the “fakes” live in the woods, and it is the meth that is killing the birds. Now I am not picking on “true” homeless, as these drug addicts taking up residency in the woods seem not to care about their filthy ways and means. It’s an addiction, just like paying so much attention to Sarah Palin! When one walks through the woods, especially in the BLM outback, there is enough evidence that there exists refugee camps, and that is why the bear population has withered away to nothing, as bears are smart and want nothing to do with druggies. But we as a civilization are stuck. When we have wars that support opium farming where no poppies grew before, so the locals can buy weapons to defend their own territory we seem proud at occupying, what do we expect? We fight them, they poison us. Drug imports have escalated with the wars. I mean conflicts. The same damn thing happened during the Vietnam war. And the innocent are the ones caused the most harm. Look, birds cannot control what happens from some idiotic policy maker many miles away on the Hill. But we can. The fact that a defense bill contains massive “pork”, isn’t this a Constitutional crime? Sure it is. We as citizens should be gathering together as a posse to defend America and with handcuffs, dedication and determination marching on our individual representative’s place of business and performing a citizens arrest, a cease & desist, because what is happening today with a failed Congress is nothing short an execution of hate legislation. But if we remain complacent and do nothing, in the end we will all pay for it. The Constitution is not flawed, but the way it is manipulated is a dereliction of duty. What goes on today by our so-called body of representation is treason and unfortunately we give the bastards the license to kill, and at the same time pay for their shenanigans. Instead of the United States House of Congress, it is better said the United States House of Corruption. Congress today reeks of corruption. And it will continue down that road to ruins as long as America sits back and just wishes for true representation. Hey, the candy store continues to be robbed and with the seasoned crooks still at the door, do you really think there will be anything left when they are dead and gone? What a deal it is, but I remind you all, this in not what MY Constitution is all about. Sad days upon us, and it will probably get worse off before we wake up and realize that the imported Mexican meth and the imposter body of representatives have obstructed justice, that these wars upon us here and abroad threatens the safety of our children, as we have not a sober Congress to depend upon for anything, not even safe woods to walk in or safety for little birds. Treasury money is an addiction to the “Corrupt Bastards” ways and means behaving as Constitutional obstruction. We must cut off the spigot or else. Yes indeed, a country without a MISSION! And believe me, there is no damn mission being accomplished today accept maybe a mutiny upon our Bounty! Maybe someday the chickadees will return and with that rest assured that the arrests upon political corruption were meaningful. Mission Accomplished, the American way, “For the People, By the People”.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Bravo! Congratulations to the entire cast of Alaskan Bloggers that have set Sarah Palin free on the 1st day of this New Year. It was great, not one iota a blog about Sarah, proving without a doubt that we can do without her. Let’s continue the trend with this “Sarah Palin Moratorium”, and she will just fizzle away a celebrity. So, who will be the 1st Alaskan blogger to break the “good news” spell? Talk about a “HAPPY” New Year upon US!

Ditto Man Released!

Well Rush is out of the hospital. I wonder what’s in his wallet, with respect to a Health Care plan card? It was so airwave quiet from the mountains to the prairies to the oceans when he was incarcerated away and under quarantine. But it wasn’t a heart attack, thank God, as I don’t know what the Conservatives would do without his day in day out ED – explosive diarrhea of the mouth. Maybe he was constipated from head to toe. Talk about a hand grenade of doom if his big gut ever burst open under such pressure. It would give a whole new meaning to the word “Crap”. I dread the thought of his replacement! So stay with us Rush, please…..If not serious, he offers entertainment. I watched the Three Stooges the other day on the last day of the year, it was a marathon display of old fashion slap-stick comedy. Rush plays all three roles at the same time. Moe the boss, Larry the idiot, Curly the fat guy, and Shemp the lunatic. How rewarding a role model Rush is! And since this “Stooge” comedy entertains by a show of force, somebody beating up on others, even a brother or friend, it is Rush! Anyway, Rush doesn’t know what caused the “pain” and his staff infection staff doesn’t know what caused him to miss out on the New Year’s festivities. What a way to bring in the year, drugged up. Maybe that was his approach, as he is known to dabble behind the counter. But he gave a press conference upon his release and was missing his cigar! Rush without his stogie is like Palin…Sorry, I am not supposed to go that out-of-bounds direction as there still exists a “Palin Moratorium” upon bloggers to not placate her fantasy of the world’s worst book writer. Anyway, the missing cigar must have a story behind it. Remember when there was that book called “An Emergency Room Horror”, or something to that effect? There was a story about a “big lady” getting hauled into the ER. Medics were dropping like flies, as there was some kind of reeking odor coming from the patient. Low and behold, it was from a decaying corned-beef sandwich stuck – or hidden – under the flab of her stomach spare tire – Cat 980 size. True story! Evidently, she had forgotten about it or was to embarrassed to state the truth of the matter as to why this secret no mans no soap land had become the depository for a sandwich. See mayo deteriorates at 85 degrees! Is it that bad in some parts of America wherein even refrigerators are not safe from pilferage? Really, there was a reported home invasion on New Year’s Eve wherein the crooks didn’t want anything except what they could carry away from the victim’s refrigerator! Even the booze was left behind. Anyway, maybe Rush’s pain came from something in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe that is the truth in this matter that has found no definitive reason as to why Rush was rushed to the hospital after feeling a pain. Put it in perspective, missing cigar, constipation, pain? Then again, maybe that discomfort he is feeling is a subliminal pain, realizing that one day his reign as king pin discriminator and border line treason inciter has cost this country a lot of backwards like pain. His ways and means to demoralize have not a constructive result. Maybe it is payback, and maybe though he should call it quits, there is this underlying scary thought that should he retire and a woman beat all others to the finish line as his replacement, then everything he ever stood for is now balless! That my friends is a true RUSH!

IOI - Alaska State Troopers

Issues Of Interest for Alaskan Bloggers: Alaska needs your help in getting an interest brewing up upon several subjects of interest. Bloggers have an audience and know how to get the word out, for debate and meaningful discussion that can lead to change. The bloggers forum sets the “stage of today” and the voice of change that can make a difference, especially if the locals corral the individual energies as one upon meaningful things challenging our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. There is life after Sarah! So for Alaska and Alaskans alike, what is needed is a boycott upon the National Geographic Channel’s new reality TV show called “Alaska State Troopers”. This show tries to make Alaska look really bad, stereotypes discriminatory broadcasting and is ethnic profiling at its worst. Quotes from NGC advertising: “Where anyone they encounter could be armed”, “When we contact people we know a few things. We know that they will have guns, they will have knives, and they know how to use them”. This is profiling! If there isn’t a law against this type of harm, there should be. How and why Alaskan assets were allowed to make this crap is beyond belief and makes me wonder if anybody down in Juneau is guarding the henhouse. Where the hell is the AG ? Missing in action! Anyway, the new episode is supposed to air Saturday, January 9th. Alaskan bloggers need to get the word out to boycott not only this series but to boycott the commerce that supports this ridiculous and lousy broadcast. I am not sure what corporations sponsor the episodes, but when it airs again, the recorder will be monitoring the lunatics trying to make a buck on others hard luck. From that broadcast, a list of sponsors to boycott will be published. Also, another show needing a boycott lesson is found on the Discovery Channel, called the “Deadliest Catch”. This show glorifies a smoking habit as a condition of employment as a deckhand, captain or greenhorn. Any kids watching this show finding an interest as a possible career builder, well it appears that it could incite smoking at an early age, or any age, which is a backward approach to this unhealthy habit that has cost the taxpayers and individuals a lot of loot to combat. And lets face the facts, most of the celebrities that appear on camera for this show when not in makeup don’t even live in Alaska and some of the deckhands are convicts! Really, one of the hands shown gainfully employed by the “Wizzard” was on the “Most Wanted” bulletin board. And Alaska was getting the smoking habit under control, but when a reality TV showing with popularity demonstrates that smoking helps make the show, by filming this almost outlawed behavior, there is more too it then lack of morality. The smoking is highlighted to gain a demoralizing attitude towards those in the business, which applies negative emphasis to this work and makes the reality show a couch potato addiction, another unhealthy habit. Somebody must be directing such filming to include it, as it could easily be cut out of the final product and not shown to viewers. Now we are all free to “not” watch such crap, but at the same time we can also boycott the sponsors, so they realize that what they sponsor in efforts to increase commerce their way, it will be tolerated if they police their own actions. Anyway, these are the things of interest that Alaskan bloggers can grab onto and incite debate with the possibility that the perpetrators of such ridiculousness will change their bad habits, change their ways and means wherein this state looks like the Alaska we know it is and not what some outsider with very little knowledge tries to portray with 30-minutes claim to fame, framing us all with the real truth “missing in action”!

Friday, January 1, 2010

So Far So, So Good!

Even after celebratory boozing, fireworks and banging in the New Year, there seems to be a truce in force that proves the point. So far there has not been posted any “blog” on this site with reference to Sarah Palin! See, it will work. Just stop wasting time making her popularity soar and she will just whither away, sour and sore! So keep up the good work. In fact, if this day is successful with the Palin Moratorium, lets try it out for this New Year’s entire 1st week! Like a New Year’s resolution. So to those bloggers who have kept the bloggersphere entertained with Palin rhetoric, truths or whatever day in and day out over the 2009 roughing it in season, so far so, so good NO SARAH PALIN. It makes me want to keep on celebrating! There is Life after Sarah…..